Bone platelets and there are also other cells

Bone cancer is a deformation of the cells that starts in the bone. It can also spread all over the body since the cells move. An ordinary bone is the base, it holds everything and makes you stay up. The inside is strong and protects it from the rest while the other parts are divided into three textures: Compact bone, the hardest part of the bone that covers up a big space, Soft Bone, that is soft and spongy, and the Outside bone that is a soft tissue that covers the whole bone.  Some bones are hollow and have cavities inside of them called Medullary Cavity that contains a tissue called Marrow. At each end of the bone there is a spongy substance called Cartilage that protects the bone from touching another bone and breaking. Most bones come from cartilage and, with a long process, calcium comes in and transforms it slowly into a bone. The bone contains two types of cells the osteoblast, the cell that creates the new bone and osteoclast, the cell that destroys the old cells. In some bones the marrow is a fatty tissue while in other cells the marrow is formed by fat cells and blood forming cells that mix together. The blood forming cells form red cells, white cells and blood platelets and there are also other cells in the marrow such as plasma cells, fibroblasts and reticuloendothelial cells. Cells from any of these tissues can become a cancer.There are many different types of bone cancer that have all different causes. Children and adults at a range of twenty years might have more probability to get affected by bone cancer. It’s not contagious but if a family member does have it, it can be transmitted genetically. Scientists have found new ways of defeating this cancer and they have constructed new machines too. The treatment though can vary by many aspects, for example the type of bone cancer or the part of the body in which it is located or  how aggressive it is or can become or lastly on the danger of spreading. There are also three approaches to cure it, surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Doctors are working and studying cases to know more about bone cancer,how to treat it, how to prevent it or how to provide a good care for the people that have it. There are many options for the patients for example the Immunotherapy, biological therapy, scientists designed it to boost the bones cells defenses so to fight the cancer. Mifamurtide, mepact, is an immune system, not specified, stimulator approved as a bone cancer treatment in many states but not in the United States. Another option for the patients is Targeted Therapy, a treatment that targets and find out the cancers specific facts and what helps it grow so that they can take the things it needs for growing and living away. This therapy is also better than Chemotherapy that damages the normal blood cells and the cancer affected cells DNA, Targeted Therapy helps save and not damage healthy and normal blood cells. There are also other types of therapies such as Myeloablative therapy, Intraoperative Therapy and Palliative Care. These were some of the latest researches and scientists are still looking today for a faster cure and a preventive vaccine but until now we don’t have further results. There are four stages that go from calm to aggressive. The first stage doesn’t have many symptoms apart from the fact that the part in the which the cancer is starting to develop may hurt. In the second stage the cancer does not spread but is more aggressive and you can feel more symptoms. In the third stage the cancer has spread and exists now in two parts of the bone. In the fourth stage, also the last stage, the cancer has already spread into more parts of the body and is now very aggressive. There is also a surgery that can be done that consists in taking away the tumor. When taking away the tumor it also takes away a part of the bone tissue that surrounds it, even though the cancer might not be completely taken off and so might spread again. The bone is partly cut off and substituted with another piece of real bone or a fake bone that would be put inside at it’s place. The amputation of a limp might not always be neccesery but when it is it could become a problem. Scientists have tried methods back in history that have not worked and so the improved them constructing mechanical therapies or tools. The symptoms of bone cancer are not very specific because they can vary. Initially you feel pain in the area in the which it starts in and then spreads out to. In some cases the pain could be small and so seem like a small bone problem or the result of a wrong movement. The area might start to swell and hurt, the bones weaken and it could result a higher risk of fracture, an unintentional weight loss and weakness and a lump in the surrounding area.