Born the youngest daughter to parents Winston and

Born the youngest daughter to parents Winston and Hazel Frost of a prominent Boston Mercantile family that came from England in the 1600s, Emma Frost is a mutant telepath whose life of privilege and glee concealed the horrors that her family’s enormous wealth sadly inspired. During her childhood, Emma received no emotional support from her parents – her father had many affairs and imposed lofty standards on his children that often proved impossible to live up to, and her mother became addicted to prescription drugs soon after Cordelia’s birth. In addition to this, Winston was immensely abusive to not just Hazel, but also Emma and her elder brother Christian. During her school years, Emma was heavily bullied by her peers for her unseemly appearance and what was perceived to be an undeserved wealth. Finding support in her teacher Ian Kendall, Emma uses her telepathic powers to excel academically in her examinations but is soon informed of the improper and paedophilic nature of their relationship. Soon after this, Emma is sexually assaulted by Kendall and eventually rejected by him through his learning that she is, in fact, a mutant. Following the academic success, Emma, in her university years, cultivated a cold, indestructible character following a childhood plagued by abuse, bullying and misery. During her studies, she meets and becomes friends with a British telepath, Astrid Bloom, who displays obsessive tendencies towards Emma and soon becomes controlling and manipulative. After defeating her in telepathic combat, Emma soon realises that short of Bloom’s obsession with her, they are both just as cold, judgemental and cutthroat as each other, and though she regrets the force shown against Astrid, makes peace with having taken a life at such a young age.Soon after this, Emma attempts to expose her father’s many affairs in holding him to ransom by taking part in a staged kidnapping with her then-boyfriend Trevor. However, this ordeal soon takes a turn for the worst when both she and her boyfriend-at-the-time Trevor are kidnapped by criminals that threaten to murder them unless Winston agreed to pay emancipation money to them. After being defeated by Emma, the criminals reveal the nature of the kidnapping to Winston, who offered the family fortune to Emma after her timely rescue in awe of her manipulative scheming. Emma rejected her father’s invitation to inherit the Frost family fortune and instead chose to path her own way to success, leaving home with merely 400 dollars in her bank account before moving to New York City. Following this, Emma experienced little to no difficulty reaching elevated ground after her proverbial fall from grace, and by her early twenties, Emma became chair of the board of trustees of a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, eventually assuming position of CEO of the newly-branded ‘Frost International’, thanks to wit, charm and the secret use of her mental powers. Emma’s corporate success and rise to power quickly drew attention from the mysterious and clandestine Hellfire Club, whom, it is rumoured, Emma continues to work with in secrecy for reasons unknown. After her stint with the Hellfire Club, Emma joins the Xavier Institute as a teacher, where she remains an active member of the X-Men.