Born York City, going place to place. Holden

Born to Die by Lana Del ReyThe lyrics in “Born to Die” feels like Holden wrote them himself because the lyrics depict that state of mind Holden is in. In the song, Lana sings “walking through the city streets” just like what Holden is doing for a large portion of the book. He strolls all through New York City, going place to place. Holden constantly mentions that he feels lonely similar to in the part in the song stating “I feel so alone on a Friday night.” For example, in chapter 7, Holden talks about his misery saying that he “felt so lonesome, all of a sudden. I almost wished I was dead” (54). The phrase “let’s go get high” is constantly sang through the song. Although Holden only got drunk once throughout the book, it is shown that he has attempted to many times. The song lingers to say “come and take a walk on the wild side” which fits completely to the time when Holden lost his mind and confesses his insane ideas to the future to Sally. He starts talking about leaving tomorrow morning and says that they could “drive up to Massachusetts and Vermont, and all around there”(146) and continues by saying that they will “stay in these cabin camps and stuff like that till the dough runs out. Then when the dough runs out, I could get a job somewhere and we could live somewhere with a brook” (146-147). “Born to Die” has a stanza which states “I was so confused as a little child” which could relate to Holden since Allie’s death had a major bump in Holden’s life. The death of Allie could be the cause of bizarre behavior at moments and depression. “We were born to die” is a famous line of the song which connects with Holden’s disorientation of life and its meaning. Throughout the beginning part of The Catcher In the Rye, it seems as Holden has no reason for his existence besides anticipating his death. Lana’s voice throughout the song is very monotone with minor revisions to the pitch. If Holden were to sing, I’d imagine that his voice would sound like it is resembling to how Lana’s is in this song since Holden wouldn’t try to put in a lot of effort. The music and attitude of the song is even a bit eerie which is related to Holden’s idiosyncratic personality. Crazy by Gnarls BarkleyThroughout the Catcher in the Rye, Holden’s mental state is questioned. At moments, his state of mind is decent, showing he is just like any other teenage boy in the world until we get a peek inside his mind and sanity is debatable. We see that his mentality is crazy just like in the song when it says “I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind”. Holden shows a teenage boy actions like despising school and always dreaming about girls, even though Holden also has a inconsistent and peculiar behavior like his interest with ducks in Central Park. He has been constantly curious and even asked others like asking the taxi driver, “The ducks. Do you know, by any chance? I mean does somebody come around in a truck or something and take them away, or do they fly away by themselves – go south or something?”(91). He has concern for the ducks unlike most teenage boys. We see the resemblance of saving other within both song and Holden. Holden aspired to be the catcher in the rye by rescuing children from falling off a cliff like in the song where it says, “My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb and all I remember, is thinking I wanna be them.”  He aspire to change with all that he has to offer in his life. A part of the song is “and now that you are having the time of your life, well think twice, that’s my only advice” correlates with Holden when he is in his hotel room with the prostitute because he realizes he isn’t ready. He is describing his situation after telling Maurice he wanted to, he thought to himself, “I just didn’t want to do it. I felt more depressed than sexy, if you want to know the truth.” He wanted to have sex but after consideration, he didn’t want to have it because he never has had sex before. “Crazy” has a stanza that includes “I can die when I’m done” which describes Holden since he often thinks about death and even talks about it after his encounter with Maurice in his room. He begins to regret everything and thinks “what I really felt like, though, was committing suicide. I felt like jumping out the window” (116-117). Just like the book, the song is very crazy and all over the place with thoughts. Scientist by Coldplay”Scientist” is more of a romantic song, but it relates to Holden’s relationship with his brother, Allie. It portrays some of the emotions that Holden had when Allie passed away. The song sings “nobody said it was easy, it’s such a shame for us to part, nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard, oh, take me back to the start”. Those lines in the song expresses how Holden felt since he was always missing Allie and wishing that he could turn to him for support and company. He is constantly thinks about Allie and wishes that he could talk to him like when he is in his hotel room saying that what he did was he “started talking, sort of out loud, to Allie. I do that sometimes when I get very depressed. I keep telling him to go home and get his bike and meet me in front of Bobby Fallon’s house..I keep thinking about it, anyway, when I get very depressed.” (110). In the song, it sings about how difficult it is to part ways with someone you love saying how we should go back to the start, such as Holden’s desire to talk to him to change their past conversations to what he wanted to say instead of what he did say. Holden also reminisces about Allie when Holden tries to talk with Phoebe and continuously talked about Allie’s mitt. It shows that Holden holds onto that memory of the baseball mitt to represent his love for Allie and in honor of Allie. “Scientist” is a gradually slow and mournful that refers to a person coming back and taunting others which in Holden’s situation would be how Allie is still able to always be there for Holden even though he is not alive. Holden’s thought of Allie being their as his guardian angel when he walks in through sketchy streets because he  “started doing something else. Every time I’d get to the end of a block I’d make believe I was talking to my brother Allie. I’d say to him, ‘Allie, don’t let me disappear. Allie, don’t let me disappear. Allie, don’t let me disappear. Please, Allie.’ And then when I’d reach the other side of the street without disappearing, I’d thank him” (217-218). How to Save a Life by The Fray”How to Save a Life” speaks for Allie, Holden’s brother, passing away. There is a melancholy moral to this song where the narrator is remorseful of losing a dear friend and not being able there to comfort them in a time of need. There are lines in the song that explain how the writer was attempting to help their friend and how his friend denied the acknowledgment of help, so he wonders why he even tried in the first place. The song sings “as he goes left, and you stay right; between the lines of fear and blame; you begin to wonder why you came.” In Catcher in the Rye, Holden’s heart is with his younger brother Allie. Holden misses his brother with the pieces of his heart and he seems to almost feel a little regretful that at one point, he didn’t let Allie join in on playing with BB guns before he died. Holden and Bobby were talking about playing with BB guns and “Allie heard us talking about it, and he wanted to go, and I wouldn’t let him. I told him he was a child. So once in a while now, when I get very depressed, I keep saying to him, ‘Okay. Go home and get your bike and meet me in front of Bobby’s house. Hurry up.’ I keep thinking about it, anyway, when I get very depressed” (110). Later in the book, Holden tells readers that he was devastated by Allie’s death to the point of anger where he even broke a window which put him in the hospital, causing him to miss Allie’s funeral. He was so mad about Allie’s demise and slept in the garage the night he passed and “broke all the goddam windows with my fist, just for the hell of it. I even tried to break all the windows on the station wagon we had that summer, but my hand was already broken and everything by that time.” This song embodies this moment of anger in Holden with the lyrics “and i would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life.” This line in the song talks about all the ‘what if’s’ in life such as Holden always wishing and having profound thoughts on how things could have been if Allie passed away.