Brave New World Quotes

Every one works for every one else. We can’t do without any one.
Lenina hears this message about community when she wakes up during sleep conditioning as a child.

Like drops within the Social River; Oh, make us now together run.
Part of the solidarity chant (to do with community and togetherness).

A gramme is better than a damn.
Lenina repeats this conditioned phrase often to express the importance of Soma and always being happy.

Everybody’s happy nowadays.
A conditioning quote which reinforces the idea that the conditioned world is perfect.

When the individual feels, the community reels
A conditioning quote often echoed by Lenina which discourages feeling emotions other than happiness.

The World State motto.

No civilization without social stability. No social stability without individual stability.
The controller talking about stability and the importance of each person’s participation.

Ending is better than mending. The more stitches, the less riches
A conditioning slogan which encourages consumption and a throw-away society.

I’d rather be myself. Myself and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly.
Bernard expresses his wanting to be an outsider rather than to conform and be mindless.

Don’t you wish you were free, Lenina?
Bernard asks Lenina if she would prefer not being a slave to conditioning.

The world’s stable now. People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get.
The controller explains to the savage why the world is better now and why everyone’s happy.

Happiness has got to be paid for.
The controller explains to the savage that happiness and stability comes at a cost.

I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.
John explains what is missing from the World State and what he wants the freedom to do.

Never put off till tomorrow, the fun you can have today.
A conditioning quote designed to encourage indulgences.

The greater a man’s talents, the greater his power to lead astray.
The director explains why certain intellectuals stray from the conditioning and think for themselves.

It is better that one should suffer than that many should be corrupted.
The director explains why certain unique people should be cast away from society in order to maintian order.