British Lit Mid Term Middle English Period

Merchant class
what class became a new political power by the end of the Middle Ages

French writers
which writers most influenced English medieval poets who wrote for sophisticated audiences

what are some of the characteristics of medieval literature

worldly clergymen were satan’s servants, Christ is head of the church
what reforms did Wycliffe seek

what movements were Wycliffe associated with

Likes to point out corruption in church
in what way was Chaucer similar to Wycliffe

gave him ideas on how to write from different perspectives
what importance did Chaucer’s variety of experience have on his insights

born middle, rose to aristocracy, rose to nobility
how did Chaucer’s social class change throughout his life?

what style of writing did Chaucer use to both entertain and point out moral indignation

creates a structure for a lot of roles in one composition; many perspectives and classes and character traits
why was the use of pilgrimage so appropriate for Chaucer to use in The Canterbury Tales

who is the first pilgrim that Chaucer introduces

which pilgrim spoke French well, ate daintily, felt compassion for animals, and wore a brooch with the letter A on it

who is the only religious figure in the pilgrimage that Chaucer does not satirize

Miller, Manciple, Reeve
Who was included in the group known as the cheats?

How many pilgrims made the journey to Canterbury

“he sang or played his flute the livelong day”

“she was schooled to eat so primly and so well/That from her lips no morsel ever fell”

“and gladly would he learn and gladly teach”

“none was so busy as he with case and cause/And yet he seemed much busier than he was”

“pity he had an ulcer on his leg!”

“she had ten pounds of linen on her head”

“if the gold rusts, what will the iron do?”

“he loved God with his whole heart all the time”

“his brows were scabby and black, and thin his beard/His was a face that little children feared”

Beast Fable; Mock Epic
Canterbury Tales: an example of which type of tale?

Chanticleer, Fair Miss Pertelote, Fox
what are character’s names in Canterbury Tales?

keep precise time
what is rooster well known for in Canterbury Tales

Had a dream
why does the rooster wake up in the night in Canterbury Tales

by flattering him
how does the fox capture the rooster in Canterbury Tales

he convinces the fox to taunt his pursuers
how does the rooster escape in Canterbury Tales

beware of flatterers
what is moral of story in Canterbury Tales

having a bad dream and being afraid
for what did the hen question her husband’s manhood in Canterbury Tales?

Geoffrey Chaucer
Malory’s contributions to Middle English prose are comparable to what poet’s contribution to Middle English poetry

William Carton, editor and printer
who was responsible for the title Le Morte d’Arthur

who turned the legend of Arthur from chieftain to king

who added supernatural elements to the legend Le Morte d’Arthur

code of chivalry
what is the name of the code that knights and nobles tried to live by in Le Morte d’Arthur

religion, war, love
what are the three main areas of focus within the code of chivalry in Le Morte d’Arthur

was King Uther Pendragon an honest man LMdA

did Igraine truly love Uther LMdA

Uther made a deal with Merlin to be with Igraine, and Merlin gets Arthur
why did Arthur get sent to Sir Ector to be raised LMdA

he pulls the sword from the stone
what happens that Arthur is found to be the true King of England in LMdA

Sir Gawain
who helped his brother Gareth before knowing they were related LMdA

who killed the black knight in LMdA

who granted Gareth’s wishes in LMdA

who requested from the king a favor for someone else in LMdA

Sir Kay
who gave Gareth the name Beaumains in LMdA

who married Gareth in LMdA

King Arthur
who refused to eat until witnessing a marvel in LMdA

Sir Gawain
who scorned Sir Kay after his defeat in LMdA

Sir Lancelot
who first succeeded in finding out Gareth’s identity in LMdA