Brody their religion and the number keeps growing.

Brody RegalloMacHistory 211/13/17Religion PaperSatanismAnton LaVey was the founder of the Church of Satan. The Church of Satan was founded on April 30, 1966. They have many people that follow their religion and the number keeps growing.  There is between 10,000 and 20,000 followers.Satanists worship satan. He is symbolized by the roman god Lucifer. Satanists believe that they are their own “Gods” or  “deities”. There were lots of famous people that were satanists. Famous singer Liberace was a satanist and also was said to be good friends with Anton himself. Lady Gaga also considers herself a satanist. She is not an official member of the Church of Satan but does practice certain satanic rituals. She also casually references lucifer in her music. Anton was an author. Anton wrote many books including “The Satanic Bible”, “The Satanic Rituals”,”The Satanic Witch”, “The Devil’s Notebook”, and “Satan Speaks”. The main writing that satanists refer to is “The Satanic Bible”. This book has a lot of the things needed to be a satanist like rituals, philosophies, and morals.One of the books Anton wrote is “The Satanic Rituals”. This book is filled with any rituals or practices anyone could want to use. Satanists believe in group worship. Group worship isn’t required but is highly suggested and recommended. It is suggested because it helps reinforce the faith and it illustrates power. Worship in the church is done on the idea that a man needs enchantment, ritual and fantasy. Worship in satanism is made of magical rituals. There are three types of basic rituals, sexual rituals, destructive rituals, and compassion rituals. People often gather on fridays to perform rituals. The required equipment varies from ritual to ritual. A general idea of items that you need to perform any one of these rituals are, a black robe, the symbol of the baphomet, a bell, elixor, a model phallus, parchment, an altar, chalice, candles, a sword, and a gong. There is no specific place that one must worship. You just need a private place that you can place an alter and do rituals. Worshiping is the only thing you have to do to be a great satanist.Satanists believe in a certain set of rules called the 11 satanic rules of the earth. These rules include, do not give anyone advice or opinions unless asked. Do not tell anyone your troubles unless they are sure they want to hear them. When in someone else’s lair you must show them respect or do not enter. If a guest in your own lair is annoying you then you must treat him cruelly without mercy. Do not make sexual actions toward another unless you receive the mating signal. Do not take what does not belong to you unless it is harmful to the owner and is begging to be taken. Acknowledge the power of magic when you have used it successfully to get something you wanted and if you dont you will lose everything you got from it. Do not complain about anything that you need not complain about. Never hurt small young children. Do not kill animals unless you are being attacked or they are for food. When walking into an open territory, dont bother anyone and if someone bothers you then ask them to stop. If they fail to comply then you must destroy them. Like was said before, satanists believe themselves to be their own gods. That being said, there are not really any specific holidays that one is required to celebrate. The highest holiday to a satanist is his own birthday. On that day they do not need to perform any certain rituals but can if they want. They just do what they enjoys to do on their own time. They spend their birthday the same way anyone else would, they just have fun. Since satanism is based of of nature, a satanist might celebrate something that has to do with it. A satanist might celebrate is the changing of the seasons marked by the equinoxes and solstices. The days vary from year to year. They also might celebrate the midpoints of each season which indicates the climax of the season. One date that is celebrated is april 30th, this is called Walpurgisnacht. This date is the climax of spring and is also the anniversary of the original Church of Satan. October 31st is also a celebrated date. This is the climax of fall. One might dress up in a costume to find, explore, and embrace one’s inner-self.Satanists do not believe in afterlife. They believe that after death your body decomposes and you disappear, your soul or spirit goes nowhere, and to them does not exist in the first place. Without afterlife there can be no redemption. This means the things that they do while living has no impact to them after death but only to the future generations of satanists. The thing that keeps them following their rules and morals is the idea of their religion staying active. If they don’t follow the rules of their religion then the religion slowly deteriorates and falls apart. If they break the rules then everyone after them will so the religion will stray from the original idea of satanism.A distinctive quality of the religion satanism is that unlike most religions is that they do not believe in life after death. This is very interesting because this leaves them to think that there is no goal they have to meet before they die to have a good afterlife. Instead they make the most of life because they know that it is short. They spend their lives enjoying the things they like to do instead of doing things for other people because they feel it’s a waste of time.Satanism is a very unique religion. They have many differences from all of the other religions. They are very self centered and selfish. What religion is the real one? There are many of them. Is it yours?