Bryce 8H English Poetry

Ballad Definition
A narrative folk story. Story-like narrative about love, tragedy and/or adventure. Folk song.

Ode Definition
An elaborately formal lyric poem, often in the form of a lengthy ceremonious address.

Couplet Definition
Style of poetry defined as a complete thought written in 2 lines.

Epic/Mock Epic Definition
A long narrative poem in a grand ceremonious way.

Sonnet Definition
A distinctive poetic style that uses system or pattern of metrical structure and composition.

Lyric Definition
A song-like poem

Elegy Definition
A type of literature defined as a song or poem, written in couplets.

Ballad Characteristic
1. Repetitive 2. song-like 3. rhymes 4. simple language

Mock Epic Characteristic
Stories of antiheroes and their catastrophes that illustrate values of society

Epic Characteristic
1. stories of heroes and their deeds 2. illustrates values of society 3. Narrative 4. heightened, mature language 5. rhymed or unrhymed

Ode Characteristic
1. Praise or thankfulness 2. addresses one person, place, thing, or idea 3. Serious subject 4. rhymed or unrhymed 5. heightened, mature vocabulary

Couplet Characteristic
1. A kind of rhyme 2. two consecutive lines of rhyme 3. AABB rhyme 4. Used to lighten or match humorous or serious subject 5. A characteristic of poetry, not a poetry genre

Lyric Characteristic
1. Rhymes (AABB or ABAB) 2. repetition 3. song-like 4. illustrates thoughts and feelings 5. implies but does not state a message

Sonnet (Shakespearean) Characteristic
1. Illustrates an argument about love 2. Iambic pentameter 3. 14 lines 4. rhyme included in the last 2 lines (ends in couplet) 5. includes metaphor, often extended through the poem

Elegy Characteristic
1. Rhymes in couplets 2. multiple stanzas 3. moves from grief (death) to praise to solace 4. extended metaphor 5. mournful tone

2 Poem Types that are song-like
Lyric & Ballad

2 Poem Types that illustrate thoughts and feelings
Elegy & Lyric

2 Poem Types that have an extended metaphor
Sonnet & Elegy

2 Poem Types that have repetition
Ballad & Lyric

3 Poem Types that have heightened mature language
Epic, Mock Epic, Ode

O Captain My Captain
Poem by Walt Whitman about death of AbrahamLincoln