By result was that Gujarat was completely losts

By now Bahadur Shah of Gujarat had
consolidated his position. He had already conquered Malwa (1531) and Raisen
(1532) and had defeated the Sisodia chief of Chittor (1533). He had openly
given shelter and help to many afghan refugees and enemies of Humayun. Humayun
therefore decided to proceed against Bahadur Shah (end of 1534) who was at that
time conducting a siege of Chittor. Rani Karnavati of Mewar appealed to Humayun
for help against Bahadur Shah by sending him rakhi indicating thereby that she
considered him to be brother and it was now his duty to save his sister.
Humayun accepted the rakhi and even proceeded towards Chittor, but later on
chaged his mind. Being more superstitious than political he thought it sinful
to attack Bahadur Shah while he was fighting against non-muslims (Rajputs).
According to muslim tradition a muslim should refrain from an attack on a brother
in faith engaged in a war with a non-muslim. Humayun thus lost the splendid
opportunity of winning over the friendship of the Rajputs and also of crushing
his enemy Bahadur Shah. His Policy was therefore wrong.

awaited till Chittor fell to Bahadur Shah (March, 1535). After its fall Humayun
started his operations against Bahadur shah who was besieged in his camp. His
supplies ran short and he was faced with starvation. He fled and took shelter
in, the fort of Mandu, Humanyu besieged fort of Mandu and captured it in April,
1535. Humanyu chased him from Mandu to Champaner and Ahmedabad and thence to
combay till be was compelled to seek refuge in the island of Diu (August 1535).
The capture of Mandu and Champaner were great achievments on the part of Humanyu.
He appointed Askari as the governor of the newly conquered territories. Askari
failed to restore law and order. He was too weak to retain gujarat and internal
dissensions broke out among the Mughals which enabled Bahadur Shah to recover
his position. The local Gujarati Chiefs who were dis-satisfied with Mughal rule
helped bahadur shah. The result was that Gujarat was completely losts in 1536.
Humanyun found that it was impossible to retain malwa as well so he quited
mandu in May 1536. Thus the entire province of Malwa was also lost “One year had seen the rapid conquest of the
two great provinces; the next saw them quickly lost,” Humanyun therefore failed to establish his
authority in the west. Now he turned his attention to meet the organised
strength of the Afghans under Sher Khan.