Candy biologically stronger, which makes them feel like

Candy Jauregui


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PYSC 272

January 23, 2018

Research Journal:
First Entries


            I wonder why
gender roles are so enforced within our society, and can they be helpful or
harmful? An argument support gender roles could be because of our primitive
history, they establish identity, and they could help overall society. Examples
against could include that they could give people offensive stereotypes, and
give them unrealistic expectations. Gender roles could exist because of our
nature. “Men are biologically stronger, which makes them
feel like protectors. Women are the child-bearers, so they will forever have
the caregiving maternal instinct.”
Gender roles can also establish a person’s identity and sense of self. They can
also give young boys and girls unrealistic expectations, and harm individuals with Conditions Resulting From genetic or hormonal Influences, chromosomal
abnormalities, Hermaphroditism, or transgender.



            According to
the APA, one third of our college students have depression and more than half
feel overwhelming anxiety. What could be the main cause of this mental
instability while in college? Students face different challenges, anxieties and
pressure within their peers. They could still be adjusting the transition between
high school and college, which can include new and difficult school work. Even
financial hardships could be a source of stress on a young college student. This
can be a serious issue considering it could affect a student’s academic



            What type of
therapy can be most effective in treating adolescents with an anxiety disorder? Cognitive behavioral
therapy, group therapy, or psychoanalytic therapy. According to Calm Clinic,
the best therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy.  It has been thoroughly researched and proven
effective in numerous clinical trials.  This
method can also be the most successful because the cognitive portion examines
how thoughts can contribute to anxiety and the behavioral portion can examine
reactions to stimuli.



            Does knowing a
foreign language really produce cognitive benefits? According
to a study from the Pennsylvania State University, this skill makes individuals
good multitaskers. Some studies also show that one’s memory can improve, and a study from Spain’s
University of Pompeu Fabra came to the conclusion that people who are bilingual
or trilingual etc. are better at observing what is around them. According the
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, multilingualism can
benefit a student with increase test scores, higher academic achievement,
higher reading abilities, and even higher SAT and ACT test scores. There has
been evidence showing a correlation between multilingualism and intelligence.



are the most prominent psychological effects of sexual abuse? Could it be
anger, anxiety, depression, dissociation, sexual dysfunction, or substance
abuse. According to the Joyful Heart Foundation, the most common mental effects
are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, suicidal thoughts, and
dissociation. Some other emotional effects could be anger, disorientation,
fear, guilt, and helplessness.