Capitol Punishment

In today’s society, it is very seldom that one does not pick up a newspaper, turn on a television or radio and not take notice of the misfortunes that we face everyday such as murder, serial killers and arrests. This raises the question, “What should be done about crime and what can we do as a society to deter the crime rate”? “Capitol Punishment or “Death Penalty” is a very sensitive subject. Many activist offer reasons both for the against Capitol Punishment, to see if in fact this serves as a legitimate punishment or an extreme display of the American judicial system.

Capitol punishment is a justifiable and valuable way of dealing with heinous crimes such as murders due to the fact, that is serves justice, safeguards society, and deters crime. In order to successfully implement capitol punishment, it must be enforced much swifter than it currently is. For example, the United States Judicial system ought to toughen up on individuals who commit murders in order to reduce the crime rate. The United States’ Bill of Rights declares, “all citizens are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. If one individual should take these rights from another, theirs should be revoked as well.

When one person commits the crime of murder, an individual denies another of their right to life and consequently displays that he or she is no longer entitled to their basic human rights. This notion raises an interesting point that capitol punishment is not only just but also provides a safeguard for society. The focal point of capitol punishment should be the protection and well being of American lives. One cannot forget about the many victims and the lives of the victim’s families that failed play to murderers when discussing the legitimacy or effectiveness of capitol punishment.

Retribution should be given to families to compensate for the life that was taken from them. For instance, a murderer’s life is less valuable to the victim’s family for the pain and suffering they have caused. Peace of mind and closure is what the families need in order to move forward, knowing the individual cannot bring pain and sorrow to another family ever again. If we do not safeguard law-abiding citizens against murderers, then these murderers are prone to commit the same crime again and not be deterred from doing so. Nearly everyone today debates whether or not capitol punishment acts as a deterrent.

Many researchers believe that by increasing capitol punishment, it could save thousands of lives due to the powerful message it sends to potential murderers. That message according to many advocates, is that it instills the fear of death into would be killers and criminals. However, as stated earlier, in order for capitol punishment to act as a deterrent it must be implemented more often. There should be a limit to the bureaucracy that the judicial system ahs in accordance with executing a convicted murderer. For example, once a murderer is convicted there are appeals that take place, which prolongs the execution.

If the death penalty was customized to where it was a swift and certain there would be no doubt that there would be a substantial decrease in the murder rate. In conclusion, there are numerous reasons why capitol punishment is an effective and justifiable punishment that should be implemented in every state across the United States. To make certain that every citizen’s right to life and justice is safeguarded; murders should be given the punishment they deserve. By utilizing protection, deterrence, and justice due to capitol punishment, every American citizen can be guaranteed the rights they are entitled to.