Carol Ann Duffy Poems.

Havisham – Labels herself as an old women who is alone and depressed. Sense of shame and isolation.

Beloved sweetheart bastard
Havisham- hates him so much her anger has turned to hate.

Stabbed at a wedding cake
Havisham- violent person carries her anger around with her.

Pupils like flies
Mrs Midas – disturbing image of a child catching its prey. Everything positive she ever wanted is now disturbing.

I miss his hands, his warm hands
Mrs Midas – repetition, suggests how much she misses her husband near her

Married the fool
Mrs Midas – angry at herself and him, only he would wish for gold and have it granted

Not a red rose or satin heart
Valentine- begins negative, showing deliberate decision to reject traditional valentines gifts

I give you an onion
Valentine- short sentence, precise actions instead of a normal gift

It will blind you with tears like a lover
Valentine- onions make you cry as do relationships, Duffy takes the well known ability of onions and introduces a negative side of love

Spinning world
Hathaway- relationship involves excitement, close intimate relationship

Living laughing love
Hathaway- alliteration, soft ‘l’ sound highlights the beauty of the relationship

Casket of my widows head
Hathaway- idea that she keeps him alive in her head along with the good memories they shared

We came from our own country
Originally- her entire family has been affected & she is possessive over her country

All childhood an emigration
Originally – metaphor//

Your accent wrong
Originally – sense of confusion, feeling like she doesn’t belong

Skelf of shame
Originally – still feels attached to her Scottish roots unwilling to fully let go of her last traces of Scottish dialect

Originally? And I hesitate
Now she is older she still has mixed feelings about her true origins

Home home
Originally – repetition shows how much she wants to go back

Dark green pebbles for eyes
Havisham- metaphor/ green suggests envy and jealousy

A red balloon bursting in my face
Havisham- metaphor/ alliteration / so angry the redness has convered her face

Roped on the back of my hands I could strangle with
Havisham- she is so angry her veins are being compared to ropes

The dress yellowing
Havisham- she is so upset she still wears her wedding dress which is getting dirty

Some nights better the lost body over me
Havisham- she dreams about good memories with her ex fiancé

Unwrapping each other rapidly like presents
Midas – simile contrasts what their relationship used to be like

I miss most even now his hands his warm hands on my skin his touch
Midas – repetition she misses having physical contact with him and misses him near her

He sat in the back
Midas – she is too scared to be with him so she keeps her distance

Romance played by touch by scent by taste
Hathaway- they had a lot of physical contact, 5 senses

My lovers words were shooting stars
Hathaway- metaphor/ she compares his language to shooting stars ‘ WERE’ he’s dead

My body now a softer rhyme
Hathaway- emphasises how close they were , extended metaphor poetic techniques

Careful undressing of love
Valentine- peeling the layers of an onion represent undressing before making love and getting to know each other

Not a cute are or kissogram
Valentine – not (negative) short statement shows she is against traditional valentines gifts

It’s platinum loops shrinks to a wedding ring
Valentine – onion loops represents wedding rings , they are getting smaller suggests ajustment may be needed to the marriage

It’s scent will cling to your fingers your knife
Valentine – the memory May last longer than the relationship, knife is violence? Just like a knife a relationship can bring pain and suffering

Spools of suffering
WP- alliteration reflects the suffering for himself and the people in the photos

As though this were a church and he a priest
WP- simile, religious imagery, priest is also exposed to death

All flesh is grass
WP- metaphor religious imagery dead people everywhere

Which did not tremble then though seem to now
WP- he wasn’t scared taking the photos bc it’s his job? Although now seeing what he’s captured scares him

Running children in a nightmare heat / fields that explode beneath Thor feet
WP- everyone is in danger, including children who run from fires and mines