Case trick is to put everything in order,

Case 6

In this case we know Robert and Frank have different
advices for new structure the takeaway system. Mostly, how to make pricing for
two kinds of meal. Usually, we can find many examples to help them and it is
around to us. For example, many restaurants will sell special at the 4pm to 5pm
at Canberra and the price usually is 10 dollars of 3 boxes. Factual proof, this
way has been used a long time and it is very successful marketing planning.
First Reason is during this time many people already get off work and prepare
to go home. Second reason is people is tried after work whole day and they
don’t want to cook dinner after going back home. If use Frank’s meal we can
make price approach to cost price, which many types of price can be made, as
one box is 5 dollars, two boxes is 7 dollars, three boxes is 10 dollars. This
way won’t not waste many inventories and it will attract many people go to buy.
On the other hand, Robert’s approach will attract many young people, because young people and
children will eat a little more than the elderly. It is similar a boxed meal
and it usually price between 11-15 dollars. The price depends on which combinations have been chosen. According
to business research and writing a business plan. This
price should include the cost of lunch boxes and packaging material. I
think the biggest trick is to put everything in order, so that your costs will
drop, and collect the profits will be greater than the extra storage space. Sum
up, this pricing strategy means that many fast-food restaurants to the specifications
of the product according to grade is divided into several stages each given a
price to meet customer demand different levels of consumption. High-grade,
high consumption to meet customers’ sense of superiority; low-grade, low
consumption to meet customer demand cheap psychological. This pricing strategy so that
customers demand easy to buy, what they want, and generate a sense of security
and trust, but also for consumers to buy, easy to remember salesman, improve
sales efficiency, increase revenue. However, with this pricing strategy, the difference
between the grades is not easy to grasp.