Catholic Situational assessment · Job readiness · Job

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County promotes and aids for people and relatives who are in need. Mainly to those who are living in poverty. Ingrained in true values, they work to make a more concerned community in which people of all principles and cultures can contribute.

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara aids people to come out of poverty by giving the tools they need to develop self-reliant. Their amenities help low-income people and families including immigrants and refugees, with English skills, financial education and employment training.

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The Employment Center provides for groups and individuals:

·         Employment preparation services

·         Job development services

·         Post-employment support

The services provided by them are

·         Situational assessment

·         Job readiness

·         Job development, placement, and job retention

·         Job coaching

Describe in details how the program or services meet the needs of families and children:

Catholic Charity serves Focus for Labor program. This is accessible only to the inhabitants of Santa Clara, they must be age 18 or over, who have a diagnosis of a mental illness. They should be presently getting services from Santa Clara County Mental Health, and want to work. They provide distinct and group employment training, job development facilities and post-employment support for adult.

The Right Directions Program is available to citizens of Santa Clara County, age 18 or over, who are interested in employment. Referrals for employment services are made by the Re-entry Resource Center. They deliver distinct and group employment training, professional case administration, and post-employment support and job development services.






Their staff has nearly 60 years collective experience positively placing hundreds of job seekers.

They will support you in your job search with:

·         Situational assessment

·         Resume writing

·         Job application assistance

·         Practice interviews

·         Cold calling employers

·         Time management

·         Job placement and retention

·         Job coaching and follow-along support after placement up to 90 days