Catullus Poetry

Poem 1
Let us live and let us love

Poem 5
Give me kisses, kisses, and more kisses

Poem 8
Catullus just has to get over her.

Catullus you must stop being so silly

Poem 9
Veranius comes back from war. Catullus is so happy he wants to give him hugs and kisses. (as friends)

Poem 11
Furius and Aurelius are expected to travel the world for Catullus. We also discover that Lesbia is an adulterer and doesn’t love any man except for Catullus. Lesbia also breaks those men’s groins.

She is also killing Catullus’ and her love like a plow running over a flower.

Poem 13
Inviting Fabullus to dinner, but Fabullus has to bring all of the food if he wants to eat. Catullus’ only responsibility is to bring the poetry.

Poem 22
Suffenus while charming on the outside writes terrible poetry. However, he cannot be completely blamed because we all have faults, but we carry them in a back pack on our backs. Meaning we cannot see them.

Poem 43
Some girl who is said to be beautiful has a small eyes, big feet, black little eyes, short fingers, and a potty mouth.

Catullus doesn’t think that this girl is anything compared to Lesbia.

Poem 51
Catullus’ first love poem to Lesbia. He talks about her beauty and her sweet laugh. He also talks about how leisure is what ruins great kings and prosperous cities.

Poem 70
That she wouldn’t want to marry anyone but Catullus

Poem 72
Catullus and Lesbia understand each other. He cherrishes her not only as a guy to his girl, but also as a father to his sons-in-laws

Lesbia has left Catullus and he is upset. However, he later realizes that he has nothing to regret because he didn’t do anything wrong.

Poem 83
She is yelling at Catullus in public in front of her husband. Catullus takes this as that she would not be yelling at him if she did not love him. If she did not love him she would stay quiet and composed.

Poem 84
Arius and his asspiration “Hionian”

Poem 85
I loathe and I love

Poem 86
Quintia and the beauty contest

Poem 87
no woman can truthfully say they have been loved more than Lesbia

Poem 92
Catullus decides that because Lesbia is saying bad words she must love him

Poem 107
Lesbia comes back to Catullus

Poem 109
hopefully Lesbia can tell the truth so that her and Catullus can at least be friends

Catullus 2
Catullus is jealous of the bird that holds Lesbia’s attention