Chancelor go back to 2011, when Chano was

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, or as most refer to him by, Chance The Rapper, has no doubt been one of the most influential artists of the past two years. In May of 2016, Chance released his third mixtape Coloring Book, which ultimately got him three Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album of the year. Coloring Book is the first streaming-only album to be nominated, and win a Grammy. Now technically Chance was not qualified to get a Grammy for a streaming-only album, but because the greatness and popularity of the album, the Grammy Association were pretty much forced to change the rule, thus resulting in his third grammy that year. In the same year Chance also played a big role in the rap album The Life Of Pablo, he was a co-writer for the songs “Famous”, “Feedback”, “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” and “Waves”. Also, he featured in one of the albums most popular songs, “Ultralight Beam”, on top of Chance collabing with one of his idols, the verse that he dropped for the song has been considered by many “The best verse of 2016” which is something that I personally believe myself.

When talking about Chance The Rapper, you cannot just talk about the past two years, you have to go back to 2011, when Chano was in his senior year of high school. Most of his teachers made fun of his aspiration to become a successful artist in the music industry, especially after his 10 day suspension for possession of marijuana on campus. The 10 day suspension he got ultimately led to the title of his first mixtape that he released on April 3rd, 2012, the mixtape was named 10 Day, connect the dots. To this day, 10 Day has been downloaded over 500,000.

The mixtape got the attention of a couple magazines, including Complex Magazine, who put him in the “10 Chicago Rappers to Watch Out For”, and boy everyone should’ve watched closer than they did. After the small amount of popularity he got from his first mixtape, he got a couple producers to start wanting to sign him, and also he got Childish Gambino to let him hop on the track “They Don’t Like Me”, which was there first masterpiece that led to a friendship that is still strong to this day.