Chapter 10: Muslim Civilization

The rise of Islam began in this peninsula

The Arabian peninsula involved
Bedouins and Arabs

Describe Muhammad
A prophet born in Mecca, he worked as a shepherd, later was a merchant, married at 25, and he was known for his honesty

Muhammad met the angel Gabriel through this

Allah means

When he was threatened with murder, he started his hijra or journey moving ro Medina or yathrib

Umma is a
Muslim community

The people of Medina destroyed the idols in _____ and rededicated it to______
Kaaba, Allah

Teachings of Islam
Quran, prophets, 5 pillars, Jihad

Abraham, moses, jesus, and Muhammad

Ethnic standards of islam
Hinesty, generosity, and social justice

5 pillars

Declaration of faith 2. Pray 5 times a day 3. Give to charity 4. Practice the holy month of Ramadan 5.

To make the hajj

Struggle in God’s services

Islamic way of life begins to
Govern daily life? And Islam determines behavior and family relations

Sharia law
Islamic system of law regulates moral, famoly relations aspects of life

Leader of islam

Abu bakr
Muhammad’s father in law

Describe the sunnis
Muhammad was the last prophet, funeral caliph were male capable leaders of islam, people followed the customs of the community (sunna), live in Iran, lebanon, Iraq and yemen

Describe the shiites
Ali, caliph must be Muhammad’s decedents,

Differences between the shiites and sunnis
Sunnis were 90% of muslims, religious practices, law, loving area

Caliph built an empire expanding to spain, morocco, North africa and France this spread ended at the battle of tours

Rise of Abbasids
Took over the Umayyad dynasty, began as Abu AL-ABBAS, gained support through shiites and non – Arab muslims

Bagdad was the new

Describe bagdad
Muslims capital, protected by large walls, focused on learning, markets, palaces, mosques

How does the Muslim empire decline?
Invasions by the Seljuk Turks and Mongols

The seljuk turks take control by migrating from
Central Asia

Describe the Seljuk
adopted islam and built an empure across the fertile Cresent

The ______ swept across central Asia and looted and burned Bagdad

During the _____ in the Muslim civilization people had freedom of religion and revived greco-roman learning
Golden age

During During the Muslim Civilization Golden age, economic and social advances included
Arab, Persian, Egyptian, African, Mongol, Turkish, Indian and Southeast Asian people

Muslims built this using the silk road spreading technologies, products, knowledge, money, partnerships, credit and banking
International trade network

During the Muslim golden age, manufactured goods were priced, developed, and measured by

during this time , there was social mobility between classes
The golden age

Islamic law encouraged the freeing if slaves as an act of

No __ or _____ were used in Muslim religious art
Figures of gods, humans

Muslim poetry developed these
rules and explored religious And worldly themes

Firdawsi wrote
Book of Kings

Omar Kyayyam wrote
Thousand and one nights

Muslim buildings had
Domes, minarets, and arches and were decorated with calligraphy

India ‘ empires was a blend of
Islam and Hindu religions

The Deli Sultanate Came to power as the_____ fell and broke into kingdoms
Gupta empire

Muslim rule changes Indian gov. introducing
Muslim traditions and developed trade and education

The _____ lose power when the tamerlane invaded northern in da and enslaved thousands

How do the sultans lose power
The tamerlane invaded

The muslims and Hindu clash brought destruction on what religions
Hindus and Buddhists

Hindu – Muslim differences
Muslims: a newer faith, sacred text , one god, equality, no religious HierarchyHindus:thousands of years old, many gods, many sacred texts

What did blending of culture do foot muslims and Hindus?
Unified government, religion, religion, economics, saying Hinduism monotheistic

On Muslim empire rajas do what
Rule over local provinces

What did muslims absorb cultural wise
Marriage ideas, caste ideas, urdu (language persian arabic Indian)

Blend of Hindu and Muslim beliefs

Mughal India wad created when
Turkish and Mongol styles went through the mountain passes of India

Founded the mughal dynasty by defeating the larger and stronger sultan ibrahim

Akbar the great
Created a strong government through tolerating, he used paid officials, and treated others of different religions as equals

After akbar how we’re the rulers?

The ottoman and the safavids dominated which area?
The middle east

How did the ottoman and safavids dominate?
New military technology

New military technology was what age?
The age of gunpowder

Where did the ottoman empire expand?
Central asia, Asia minor, and into eastern Europe’s Balkan peninsula

Constantinople falls to the

Constantinople was renamed

Describe the ottoman culture
Strong government, system of justice, a strong army, and a theocracy

Describe the safavid empire
Was sandwiched between the ottoman and mughal which created war