Chapter 9 HOLT Section Assessment 4

1a. What is chivalry?
Chivalry is what the Europeans called thier code of honorable behavior for knights

1b. What were three characteristics knights and samurai shared?
The three characteristics knights and samurai shared were having to follow strict codes of honor, had to be loyal and brave but at the same time they had to be humble and modest, and they were both greatly admired.

1c. Why do you think feudal systems developed in both Europe and Japan?
I think feudal systems developed in both Europe and Japan because they both had to be loyal to their lord.

2a. What religion were most people in Medieval Europe? What religions influenced most people in Japan?
The religions that most poeple were in Medieval Europe is Christianity. The religions that influenced most people in Japan was Buddhism, Shinto, and Confucianism.

2b. How were the subjects of haiku different from medieval European poems?
The subject of haiku were different from medieval Europe’s poems because Europe’s poems were based on religion.

2c. In your opinion, were European and Japanese societies more similar to or different from each other? Explain your answer
I think they were not only different but they were also similar. i think that they were more similar than different. I think they are similar in different fields because the knight and the samurai both followed a strict code of honor

4. Think about what you’ve just learned about chivalry. What kinds of rules will you expect your knights to follow? How will you explain these rules to them?
I expect them to listen to every single thing I say.
They have to be nice and kind to other individuals around them. They have to help people in need.
They will have to be generous to the young and give them food.
They shall be humble and they will give out more than they would receive.
I would tell them by person just in case they either do not kmow how to read or they are to lazy to read rules.