CHAPTER someday, because 21st century chef might help




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of the study

a chef is one of the most popular professions in the Philippines right now –
many dream of cooking their way to success.  Chef is a
trained professional cook who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation,
often focusing on a particular cuisine. “Cooking is the art and science of
preparing food for eating by the application of heat” -anonymous.

            As the
time goes by, and the 21st century chef started to lead the chefs,
they are also starting to change some rules inside and outside the kitchen.
Before the 21st century chef, the 20th century chef and
others are very strict when it comes to sanitation, quality of the food, to
dress properly, having no tattoos, earrings, and the way you cook. But then the
rules are breakable. Now, some of famous chefs are not following rules and
others don’t mind. Because everything in 21st century changed.

century chefs change a lot of foods. When it comes to present the food, taste
of the food, the aroma, and how they cook inside the kitchen. The 21st
century chefs also gave a big impact on everyone especially to those people who
loves to eat and to those people who wants to be a chef someday, because 21st
century chef might help those aspiring chefs to improve their skills and
knowledge about cooking and do something better than the 21st
century chefs.


researchers’ want to know how 21st century chef changed the way they
cook. Even the way on what are they doing inside the kitchen or the rules
inside the kitchen. People nowadays are addicted to foods and it can be because
of chefs. In the past few years, when people are eating foods, it’s just a
simple food, for them to have energy, and to fill their tummies. But now, millennials
say this most of the time, “food is life”.
Of course, the food is our source of energy and without the food, we can’t
live. People even take pictures of their foods especially if the food is presentable.
The impact of foods in every people now is different because of chefs. That
chef is the 21st chefs who changed and improved their skills, knowledge
in cooking and made the food presentable. The purpose of the study is to know
how 21st century chef changes the way they cook and what does grade
12 Culinary Arts students thinks about it. The way they cook and deliver foods
to every people. The way they invent and make their food more delicious.


research focuses on the STI College Meycauayan Grade 12 Culinary Arts students’
perception about 21st Century Chef. The researchers’ goals are to
help students, especially those who take Culinary Arts strand, to improve their
knowledge and skills inside the kitchen. It will help the students a lot since
they might discover something about 21st century chef that might
help them to be more motivated on becoming a great aspiring chef. We also aim to
know how 21st century chef changed the way they cook, and to know
how they improve their skills and knowledge inside the kitchen, according to
grade 12 Culinary Arts students.

            Possible solutions are the Grade 12
Culinary Arts students will be enlightened about the skills to be part of the
21st century chef. They will do their best, practice more, to
achieve their goals since they are aspiring chef.


Statement of the Problem

            This study attempts to find answer
to Perception of Grade 12 CA Students about 21st century chefs. More
specially it seeks to find the answers to the following questions;

1.    How do 21st century chef improve their
knowledge and skills in cooking,  according to grade 12 CA students

2.    What are the insight of grade 12 Culinary Arts students
about the skills required to be a successful chef?

3.    What are the perceived ideas of grade 12 Culinary Arts
students to become a 21st century chef?




            The Perception of Grade 12 Culinary
Arts strand about 21st Century Chef is that 21st century
skills and techniques in cooking are now innovative and modernized. They are
also aware and open about changes and improvement to develop themselves into a
modern chef.







Significance of the study


            The study for Perception of Grade
12 Culinary Arts students about 21st century chef will help students
who wants to become a great chef. People who will benefit in this study are;

1.    Culinary Arts students

research will help the Culinary Arts students in a way that their knowledge and
skills inside the kitchen will improve, and may be able to help them in their


2.    Future 21st century chef

research will help future chefs because they can discover or learn something
new. They also might be able to improve some skills and knowledge since they
can be part of the 21st century chefs who are continuously changing
and improving their cooking skills.


3.    Parents

This research will help the
parents to support their daughter/son to pursue

their dream or goals. Since this research is
all about the skills and the requirements to be part of 21st century


4.    Researcher

            This research
will help the researchers because they are grade 11 Culinary Arts students.
They can benefit from it because they are aspiring chef. They might learn and
discover something new in this research that will help them in their future.


5.    Other researcher

research will help the other researchers by being able to help them as a basis
of their research in the future and for other relevant information.









Scope and Delimitation


            This study focuses on the STI College
Meycauayan Grade 12 Culinary Arts Students’ perception about 21st
Century Chef. It also describes the ideas that are perceived by the Culinary Arts
students on how chef can become a 21st century chef and a successful

          The respondents of this study are the
Grade 12 Culinary Arts students only.

          This study was conducted on 28th
of November, 2017 to ___ of February, 2018.

          It is also limited to their knowledge
and perspective about 21st century chef.


Definition of Terms


Perception – the
way you think about or understand someone or something.

Cooking – the
practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating

21st century chef – the 21st century is the current century of the Anno
Domini era. The chef in this century are called 21st century chef.

Innovation in cooking – creating
appealing taste sensation by using exotic herbs and spices depends on the
genius of the cook.

Modernization in cooking – updating or evolving their skills in cooking.

Enlightened – be
able to understand or know something about somethings you don’t understand.

Millennials – a
group of teenagers in this generation.

Aspiring chef – a
student whose dream is to become chef.














            This chapter includes the review of
related literature and studies which the researchers have perused to shed light
on the topic under study.


Related Literature

                Executive director of People 1st,
Martin-Christian Kent discusses the 21 Century Chef, outlining his concern
about chef recruitment challenges and their growth. According to him (2017), Chefs
continue to be a critical recruitment challenge for many hospitality businesses.
Currently, 42% of Chef vacancies are considered hard-to-fill with research from
People 1st indicating that by 2022 the industry will need to recruit an
additional 11,000 Chefs. Just as with the entire hospitality industry, the
Chef world has a recruitment and retention challenge. 

This, allied to a refocus
on locality, seasonality and authenticity, has arguably fragmented the Chef job
description and increased the number of people who work under the job title of
‘Chef’ but carry out wildly varying tasks, using different skills.

This industry sea change,
begs a number of questions for kitchens of the future: namely, how will we come
to properly define the role of a 21st century Chef? What skills will
people looking to join the brigade of the future require? And
how best to recruit, develop and most importantly, retain, the best candidates?

People 1st is about to
embark upon a large-scale body of research with Chefs, Chef organization,
hospitality businesses, industry commentators, recruitment agencies
and suppliers to get a better understanding of the types of skills the
industry will need in the next five to ten years. Allied to this, People 1st
will examine how businesses recruit for different Chefs, how they train and
develop existing staff and the extent to which they are finding it difficult to
fill vacancies. If you work in hospitality and care about the future of this
fantastic industry we want to hear from you. People 1st identifies industry
needs across the hospitality, tourism, leisure, travel, passenger transport and
retail industries and works in partnership with employers to develop
class-leading solutions that increase performance through people.

The 21st
century chef changed a lot of things in terms of cooking. There are aspiring
chefs who wanted to be part of the 21st Century chefs.



            Anne Mcbride (2015)
was interviewed. She’s the Culinary Program and editorial of the Strategic
Initiatives Group at the Culinary Institute of America.

            Anne’s research
focuses on the evolution of professional cooking and how the role of chefs in
society has changed over 21st century. As she explains, the way the
people think about chefs in popular culture today is drastically different from
how we’ve seen them in the past – and the implications for the chefs today are

            Anne’s been asked
about how did she got into that area of focus and decided to research the role
of chefs. Then she answered that “My first research was around the use of
Coca-Cola in traditional cuisine around the world; Colombia and the Philippines
there are dishes that use Coca-Cola, and they are considered national dishes.
It morphed into ideas of national cuisine in the U.S., which evolved into New
American cuisine. That’s when the things morphed into the state of the
research.” The interviewer asked her again, “Which is what, exactly?” she then
answered “The subtitle is ‘The making of the 21st century chef’
looking at what makes our chef different from 20 or 30 years ago.” Then she was
asked again, “Why do you think the evolution has occurred?” she answered, “Part
of it is the public asking more of chefs than cooking. Your opinion matters.”

          As a part of the 21st
century chef, you have to know when the changes how occurred and why.


Synthesis of Review of
Related Literature and Studies

          These articles show that
the 21st century really change a lot. Since there are many people
and aspiring chefs who are curious about the changes in 21st century
cooking and its chefs.

          The articles helped the
researchers to know more about the changes in the 21st century







Conceptual Framework

          Being a good chef takes a lot of work to do. Not only chef but every
people’s dream they want to achieve. But as an aspiring chef, we all know that
even ordinary people can cook but, as a chef, they want their costumers to be
satisfied with what they serve since it’s their passion to cook delicious food.

          This research would be
important for the aspiring chefs. This will help them since this research can
guide them on how to become a good chef. Since this research was all about the
21st century chef’s skills and improvement inside and outside the
kitchen, this research could give some tips or advices to those aspiring chefs
on what should they do to achieve their goals and dreams in life.

          Not all chef wannabe’s
can be chef in the future because they lack on skills. It would be a really big
help for the aspiring chefs to know the skills and improvements of the chef in
the 21st century since they wanted to be part of it.


Figure 1

Research Paradigm


          As an input, the
researchers consider all the Grade 12 Culinary Arts students at STI College
Meycauayan as the respondents of this study. In the process, we interviewed all
the Grade 12 Culinary Arts students respondents of this research to collect,
analyze, and interpret all the data that we need to answer this study. For the
output, _____________________________________.