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CHAPTER 2DISCUSSION2.1 Marine BiodiversityMarine biodiversity is one of the keys to achieving the goal of this 14th SDGs. Biodiversity has the meaning of a variety of living things that live in 1 ecosystem. So marine biodiversity is a variety of living things that exist in the sea, such as fish, coral reefs, and other water creatures. In UU no. 5 of 1994, “the Government and the Nation of Indonesia have a commitment to protect the biodiversity of Indonesia’s existing biodiversity, whether on land, freshwater or at sea.”Many species live in an ecosystem that arises interactions between living things or so-called symbiosis. Symbiosis there are various kinds: mutualism symbiosis is the relationship of mutual interaction of living creatures that are mutually beneficial, symbiosis commensalism that is the relationship of interaction of living creatures that are not harmful and unfortunate each living creature and the last symbiosis parasitism is the relationship of living things that only benefit wrong the other and the other disadvantaged. If the interaction of these living things is one of them extinct then there is no reciprocity with the other. For example, the symbiotic mutualism between clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) and anemone house (Heteractis magnifica), clownfish get protection from the anemone house and this sea anemone gets the rest of food from clownfish, if sea anemone becomes extinct then this clownfish will be endangered also because do not get protection for the species. In fact, this time the clownfish is threatened with extinction due to climate change on earth that caused the temperature of the sea began to increase or warm. And climate change is weakening the sea anemone. The weakness of the sea anemone is the color fades to white, when the sea anemone becomes white not only the clownfish are threatened but other species that are symbiotic with the sea anemone will experience stress and stop laying. The consequences of species that are symbiotic with this unhealthy sea anemone are high levels of clowns in the blood of clownfish. It is a brain disorder that inhibits the ability to see, hear, and smell, which consequently these fish swim toward predators. This event is only one and the factors that cause it is climate change where climate change is discussed also in the purpose of the 13th