Cheetah runs 20-30 miles per hour for just

Cheetah And Road Runner! Do you know how fast a road runner can run? Or a Cheetahs endurance? Have you ever thought about who would win in a race, even with a cheetahs limited run time? Both of these animals are very fast but how do they compare? How Long Can They Run at top speed?Cheetahs and road runners are some of the fastest animals in the world but for how long are they?     Cheetahs can reach a top speed anywhere in between 60 and 70 miles per hour, although it does depend  on the size of the cheetah (Wikipedia, 2017)  But, the most interesting thing about this is cheetahs can only run that fast for 20 to 30 seconds long. I also checked this in a Interview with David Martinez, KC ZOO education advisor, but he also  mentioned from the questions I asked him., “A road runner runs 20-30 miles per hour for just 1 minute of that.”  “Maybe less.” Cheetah and Road Runner Hunting speed!Have you ever wondered if these animals try to go faster when hunting or not try as hard and stay calm ? Cheetahs are very fast when it comes to well…. Everything but when they are hunting they try very hard, it can be  very easy sometimes for a cheetah to hunt, because of it raw speed. It can sneak up or come from the front because they are so fast.Cheetahs can hit speeds of 71 mph and use their long tails to balance so once the hunt is on, it has a 1 in 10 chance of getting a kill. Roadrunners are very fast as you know but when it is hunting prey they  like to come from behind “slowly” I say that because they like to sneak from behind, but sometimes they have to speed up if there prey is moving further and further away. although considering they go after snakes, mice, insects, gophers, and  lots  of fruit this may be easier but not for certain.Why do roadrunners run instead of fly? During my interview with David I asked him this question of why roadrunners run instead of fly. I asked him this because this “article” would not be made if road runners flew instead of run. he said, “Mostly bone structure, this was built for running. As the tail if good for balance, these wings aren’t built for fast and high flights. Also there prey is on the ground.” So when they run it makes it easier to catch its prey. If there prey was flying the road runner would probably be reversed in how it acts.Who would win in a race?Now I understand this is kind of obvious but i needed to be 100% correct. I asked David this question and he said “Well if you could condense a cheetah and road runner to race without the cheetah trying to eat the road runner than…a cheetah.” I asked this also because of a cheetah’s limited speed run time, but he was not done there he also explained  a bit. “This is because a cheetah may only go from 20-30 seconds at a time but is still very fast.” I hope this helped you out with cheetahs and road runner especially the speed factors (that is really all we covered.)