Chemical also like to be a chemical engineer

Chemical Engineering, to me, is a very interesting and a broad field. I am interested in studying chemical engineering as this engineering discipline will provide a good match for my passion in facing and solving engineering problems often required in highly technical and complex solutions. I enjoy teamwork on projects that involve multi-disciplinary engineering and I am fascinated in working out processes to make products while also helping to manage world resources in a sustainable fashion. I would also like to be a chemical engineer because chemical engineers can make a difference in the world and there is satisfaction in knowing that you have helped someone personally and profoundly.Chemical Engineering appeals to me because it is a diverse topic. I want to pursue a career in chemical engineering because, chemical engineers can improve the quality of people’s lives. Many products used by people today have been produced by chemical engineers. Chemical Engineering is a flexible subject which provides many opportunities to be involved in the development and manufacture of a wide range of products which is an aspect that I look forward to learning about. The chance to study and understand the chemical processes that occur to manufacture products that we use in our everyday life is also one of the reasons why I want to do chemical engineering.During the course of my research, I attended a Engineering talk, held by different engineering disciplines (including chemical, mechanical and electrical) at my school. This allowed me to see the different categories of engineering. As part of my research, I had communicated with a lead Process engineer from Jacobs Engineering Ireland, who had provided an in depth insight of what a process engineer does. The senior engineer I talked to, explained to me what he does in his daily professional role, designing pharmaceutical facilities in Europe. I am very impressed with his grasp of engineering knowledge in playing his role in every single project he is involved in, be it in the preparation of process flows diagram, technical calculation, process equipment design, design coordination with specialist vendors or in team management. He also showed me pictures of the facilities he has worked on and the skill, knowledge and due diligence needed in order to achieve world class facilities that meet the standards of various health bodies in the world.With initial intentions in going into the pharmaceutical sector, as it requires highly skilled people and is a unique and highly regulated environment. I am interested in the development of designs and in the management and co-ordination of process design on projects. I am also interested in executing process improvements and applying solving problems expertise to resolve complex equipment, systems and process problems using strong statistical and analytical methodologies. I enjoy studying the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Maths because it interests me and can be useful in everyday life. I am fully aware that there will be many challenges in this course and I am confident that I can overcome these challenges, as I am good at multitasking, have good communication skills and also enjoy solving problems using precise logical methods. I would like to study a course that involves and builds on these. I am currently undergoing my Irish Leaving Certificate studying 8 subjects including: Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. These subject’s have influenced me in my decision to want to study a degree in Chemical Engineering.