Children’s lit

Hearing books read aloud helps children to
-develop a sense of book language-learn to view reading as a pleasurable activity-develop their vocabulary
The factor most important to success in learning to read is
adults who read regularly with children
pictures in childrens books
can enrich the child’s imagination
literature is defined as
the imaginitive shaping of life and thought into the forms and structures of language
the theme of the book
reveals the author’s purpose
Children are most interested in reading a book with
a fast moving plot
The Hans Christian Andersen Award is given for
recognition of an author’s or illustrator’s body of work
in determining what types of books children will like, teachers shoudl
be aware of a child’s individual needs and interest
children’s capacity to produce language consistently lags behind their ability to understand it, therefore
teachers should read aloud books that are above children’s conversation level
a topic that has consistently held wide appeal across levels for children’s conversation level
Children’s interests in books are influenced by their
the influence of gender differences on children’s reading interest
is not clear
according to Erik Erikson, personality development
occurs in stages
Movement from one level to another of Kolhberg’s stages of moral development results from
working through dilemmas
in a picture book
meaning is equally conveyed through both illustrations and text
the term value refers to
variations in light or dark in the illustrations
elements of design that artists must consider include
line, shape, and color
collage is an art medium that involves
the use of cut or torn paper
an illustration that mixes a realistic style with bizarre and/or distorted imagery is
if an author used is phrase in a picture storybook, “The wind gusted like a roaring engine,” he or she would be employing which of these?
figurative language
The following is not an example of traditional literature
concrete poetry
what values does folk literature have for children?
folktales are good stories
folktales are defined as
stories that originated in the oral tradition
the language and grammar of traditional stories was studied by
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
a cumulative tale is identified by
the increasing repetition of details which build to a quick climax
a folktale that attempts to explain something is called a
pourquoi story
the plot of a folktale is characteried by
quick action
the smallest part of a tale that exists independently is called
a motif
an essential reason for teaching children about folktale variants is
to help them see similar elements in folktales across cultures
which of the following is one of the oldest sources of fables
the Panchatantra
a great many myths deal with
gods and goddesses
odysseus, robin hood, and king arthur are all examples of
epic heroes
myth in a literary sense is defined as
the human search for truth and meaning
the Bible is appropriate for inclusion in the elementary school curriculum in one of these contexts
as a study of literary qualities
Fantasy is an important genre for children because
it has the potential to reveal truth
a theme frequently found in fantasies is
the struggle between good and evil
modern fantasy
is not as likely to go out of date as realistic fiction
fantasies seem familiar to us because they are based on
traditional folktale literature
modern literary fairytales differ from traditional literature because they hae
an identifiable author
the person considered by many to be the first author of modern literary fairytale is
Hans Christian Anderson
young children could be introduced to fantasy through
animal fantasy
in a time fantasy, a time shift is often set in motion by
an object
one characteristic of high fantasy is
a recurring theme and motif
a type of fantasy about which many books are written is
time fantasy
science fiction differs from fantasy in that is
suggests a world that might be possible
poettry for children is characterized in this way
figurative language is based on familiar experiene
select the poetic element that is used to convey soung
young children are likely to respond to
the rhythm of poetry
a good way to introduce poetry to children is through
collecting their jump rope rhymes and street ryhmes
a poet who attributes human characteristics to inanimate objects is using
for every 60 years, studies of children’s preferences have shown this type of poetry to be a favorite
narrative ryhme
which form of poetry has five lines and a structured rhyme scheme
poetry for children
should reflect the real emotions of childhood
children’s first introduction to poetry is often
nursery rhymes, finger play, and songs
one example of misuse of poetry in the classroom is
in considering whether to buy a poetry anthology you might ask
are the poems of interest to children
the most difficult method of choral speaking is
one of the values of contemporary realistic fiction is
it provides possible role models
a definition of contemporary realistic fiction would include one of these points
imaginitave writing that reflects life
how would a contemporary book about African Americans be judged if it used this language “we gwine ter et soont”
stereoptyped dialect
realistic fiction is defined as
imaginitive writing that accurately reflects life as it was lived in the past or could be lived today
contemporary realistic fiction
reflects society’s concern for honesty and aging and dying
when evaluating violence and graphic narrative in children’s books, it is important to consider whether
both sides of the conflict should be given
popular books of contemporary realism frequently have this particular characteristic which appeals to children
fast action
one of the values of children reading books of popular realism is
children realize that they are not alone in facing problems
a teacher should address a child’s reading of series books by
knowing and honoring the series books while recommending related quality literature
a popular topic of contemporary realistic fiction is
one value of historical fiction for children is
it helps children judge the mistakes of the past more clearly
all historical fiction stories share this feature
they are set in the past
the genre of historical fiction does not include
authentic journals
children should be encouraged to
read historical fiction instead of history textbooks
which of these is a recurring theme in childrens historical fiction
the quest for freedom
when dealing with language of the past that is controversial today, authors should
carefully consider how necessary the language is for character development
writers of historical fiction
should be accurate and authentic
when choosing historical fiction, teachers should
be aware of the reasoning behind an author’s decisions
which is a factor in evaluatting whether a nonfiction book is written appropriately for the intended audience?
the interest level
which of the following is a means of aiding the organization of a nonfiction book
the use of chronology
what can authors do to involve children in the scientific method within the confines of a book
ask open-ended questions
an increased reliance on illustrations, especially photography, has been caused by which factor
-readers are more visually oriented-readers are more likely to expect pictures in print materials- technological developments have been made more exciting photographs possible
in a life-cycle book about an animal, it is likely that this will be an included feature
the birth of an animal will be discussed
one reason why a selection of nonfiction books makes a better classroom resource than textbooks is
they can provide greater depth
the following is not an aspect of style in nonfiction writing
number of chapters