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Choosing a colour scheme for your upcoming nuptials can send one down the highway ofdecision melt downs! Many couples soon realise at the start of the planning process, that acolour scheme is more than just your favourite colours , in fact almost everything ties into thecolour scheme, and so deciding what you want and creating a balance between all thoseoverlapping factors is … well , enough to drive you crazy ! BUT have no fear….. Here are a fewtips on how to choose you colour scheme.1. It’s all about you loveEven though I said that a colour scheme is more than just your “Favourite Colour”, don’tbe afraid to choose things you love, always look to yourself and don’t be afraid to utilisethe things that inspire you!Have you been on holiday with your Husband/ Wife to be and fallen in love withsomething? Like the architecture of the Marrakesh or a Mosaic in Greece, maybe youwent to Japan and watched Cherry Blossom trees all day, or maybe you went to Galleand the rustic cobble stone enchanted you? It could even be something as simple as,going to the Fort on night drives, glimpsing the bright lights and large cranes at work onthe harbour.Look around your home or room; do you see any re-occurring colours, patterns, texturesor themes? These things can be a starting point for you to see which directions to lookinThis very special day is all about the happy couple! YOU GUYS GET TO CHOOSE WHATYOU WANT! Be inspired by your lives, your loves and each other!2. Location, Location, Location…Make sure you decide you colour scheme after you book your location, it’s importantyou take a quick gander at your surroundings to avoid clashing with say, the carpet ofthe wedding hall you just booked?Tying in your Surroundings to the wedding can make the atmosphere more cohesiveand pleasing to the eyes of your guests, it will also make a world of difference in thepictures!For example in garden weddings, pastels, whites and incorporating the surroundingflora and fauna in season can really tie your wedding together. If you’re having yourwedding by the sea side cool oceanic colours, with a mix of soft pinks and purples cantie together your location and the sunset beautifully.3. Your Wedding PartyWho will be in your wedding party? What are their and your skin tones? It’s veryimportant to use colours that compliment your skin and the skin of those in yourwedding party. YES you heard me! MATCHING YOUR SKIN IS A REAL THING! Just likematching your foundation to your undertone, you’ve got to pick colours that pick up thebeautiful undertones of your skin!You wouldn’t want to look back on photos only to realise that the purples in thebackdrop make you look dull, or the champagne coloured surroundings make you looklike you just saw a ghost.Colours that make you look radiant and glowing can make a world of difference! Yourskin looks brighter, smiles look wider , everything becomes more vibrant and fresh, andno one looks miserable or uncomfortable , because let’s face it , we’ve all had to wear ahideous bridesmaid dress and have had no choice but to pretend to be happy for theduration of the wedding.4. Tis’ the season!Now understandably, being a tropical paradise Sri Lanka typically has only TWO seasons,HOT or RAINING, but do not let this deter you from this very important point!Remember what I mentioned above about Location? Well this ties in with location! Icannot stress how important it is to use colours that not only complement each otherbut also harmonize with you and your environment!During the hottest times of the year , bright, vibrant, summery colours , of Marigold ,Red , Purple , Royal blue and Lush Greens can make your wedding look bright summeryand vibrant, picking up on the sunlight and surrounding atmosphere.