What Christians believe in life is up to them

Some atheists believe that that people are free to think what they like and others should not try and alter their opinions. In order to adopt a stance on this subject, we must assess the arguments for and against and decide whether morality and the existence of God is subjective or objective. Put more simply, this essay will question whether moral issues as well as religious issues are a matter of fact or a matter of opinion and how Christians should respond to their beliefs.

Some people think that beliefs about morality (good and evil) are a matter of opinion and that these beliefs have come about due to feelings individual Christians may have or events that have taken place. Many atheists think individual people decide what is right and wrong and consequently different people hold differing views on moral and religious issues. A quote from the play ‘Hamlet’ highlights the idea that morality and other beliefs are in the mind of the beholder, “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes them so.” They may recognise Christians’ beliefs but do not necessarily agree with them and some atheists feel that Christians have no right to tell others what to believe. They would argue that they are not in the position to try and change peoples’ views and invade their privacy.

However, other people, including Christians believe that morality and existence of God are objective and that there are certain things that are definitely good whilst there are things that are definitely evil. They also consider the existence of God not to be an opinion but a fact. From this it is understandable that Christians believing in God and the concept of Heaven spread the word and try to ‘save people’. We normally dismiss Jehovah’s Witnesses as strange and often annoying but they consider it their duty to make people aware of what they regard as something special in their lives.

I do not agree with the above statement because if people know something such as the existence of God and how it would benefit us all by being part of it, these people should definitely tell others about it. If I knew that God that God existed and He was omni-benevolent, I would do my best to make sure other people believed me and placed their faith in Him. I understand that some people regard Christians as ‘sad’ and even intrusive at times when they tell others what to do, but by making others aware they are trying to help and make us choose the right path, which is really a kind thing for them to do.

I don’t know whether morality or the existence of God is objective or subjective because I don’t know if God exists or if there are such things as good and evil actions. However, if people feel that know something that is very important they must act on their feelings and do what they feel is right. Having said that, there are a number of people who regard killing thousands of people as a good thing, which shows that people have different views on morality. From this we could argue that even if there is a God we decide what is good and bad so morality will always be subjective. I think that people must act on their feelings and do what is best for the world and for the people within it, not by force but by peaceful methods.