Cleaning perform thorough carpet cleaning after every 16-18

Cleaning and organizing is practice not a project. Clean environment gives sooting effect toeverybody, this is the reason that every single person strives to keep their homes, offices,schools, colleges or universities clean. But unfortunately, it’s not an easy job to do and whenit comes to carpets, no matter how careful we are, sooner or late there will be need of carpetcleaning. If you have carpet at your place whether it’s a rug or wall to wall carpet, it’s betterto vacuum it on daily basis and perform thorough carpet cleaning after every 16-18 months asclean carpets wear less and lasts longer (Webb et al., 1979). There is need of deep cleaning ofcarpet rather than just regular vacuuming and spot cleaning as carpets just not only absorbssoil and dust but also oil. Oil can be absorbed in the form of oil vapours that reach the livingroom and other areas from kitchen or from outside environment so removing of oil fromcarpet need profound cleaning. There are people who vacuum their carpets on daily basis andthere are people who vacuum them on weekly or monthly basis since they try to saveelectrical energy. Saving energy by not vacuuming on daily basis is a short-term plan, if theywant to look at the broader image and benefit they will vacuum it on daily basis as it willenhance the life span of carpet.There are a lot of factors that should be taken in to account while deciding about carpetcleaning plan. Planning can save one from a lot of fuss and mess of wasting money, time,resource and energy. When it comes to thorough cleaning of carpet it’s best to hire aprofessional as they know which kind of cleaning is required for that specific kind of carpet.Professionals are a better option also because they have right kind of machines as well whichcan make sure that work is done effectively and efficiently.Before deciding the company, you choose for your carpet cleaning, its important tounderstand how many carpet cleaning methods are there and which methods matches yourconstraints (time, cost, resources) and carpet. Here are some common methods of carpetcleaning that different companies use? Stream Cleaning? Dry carpet cleaning? Shampoo cleaning? Bonnet cleaning? Foam Encapsulation cleaningSteam Cleaning:Extremely hot and high-pressure water is used to dissolve and remove dirt and oil particlesfrom the fibre of carpet (Keller, K.D., 2003)Shampoo CleaningThis is the most traditional way of cleaning carpet in which a strong detergent is used to ruband wash dirt and oil away. Its disadvantage is that large amount of foam left behind most ofthe time.Foam EncapsulationFoam encapsulation is a technique that was introduced after shampoo cleaning. Thistechnique used artificial detergents as a base that turns into crystals when dried. When foamis applied loose dirt from the carpet gets captured in the powder after the foam dried into thepowder.Bonnet CleaningThis is quite an effective way of cleaning as it cleans the top fibre of carpet using a heavyduty motorised machine with a spinning pad that has been engrossed with scrubbing solutionto absorb dirt. This method is quite famous in the hotels all around the world.Dry Carpet CleaningThis is quite a new technology that is getting all the fame and popularity now-a days. It isbeing preferred by all users as it does not need time drying time. This technique works on theprinciple that cleaning powder gets into the bottom part of the carpet by the help of motorizedrotating brush that opens the carpet and helps cleaning solution to settle inside and absorb allthe dirt and other particles.Above mentioned methods are quite helpful in cleaning carpets but still they cannot be donequite often. So along with thorough cleaning and vacuum cleaning these tips should beconsiderable as they help a lot in enhancing the life span of carpet.? Minimize the in-door entering of air? Clean spots and stains as soon as they happen because stains and spots attract dirt andoil vapours more often? Make a cleaning schedule, although it appears a bit excessive but in a long term ithelps to enhance life of carpet? Another relatively important tip is to hand-wash your carpet once every two weeks asit will help your carpet not to get too dirty.It seems quite difficult to handle carpet and cleaning, but carpets gives finished look to thearea and clean place is basically a safe place to live.