Cloning Essay

Most people have heard the saying, “Made from the same mold. ” We all know what this means, but don’t really put much thought to it. Now though, this fictional clich? is becoming more plausible, thanks to recent scientific breakthroughs. Cloning was first brought to the public’s attention by one man – Dr. Ian Wilmut, when he announced the birth of Dolly the sheep. The first ever cloned mammal. It might have taken 277 tires, but this historic achievement was enough to immediately send the government into action to ban it.

Whatever good cloning could do, and whatever further breakthroughs it could achieve to help our society, the government wanted it stopped. Many people thought this was the right thing to do, others, thought that it was ruining the chances of life for the rest of us existing humans. I personally believe that cloning should be allowed, and the government only banned it for fears of what destruction it could lead to. There are many arguments for cloning to either be banned or accepted.

My opinions, however, are mainly to do with justice to those who deserve life, your opinion is frankly up to you. The standard (and most popular) reason for cloning to be banned is because, “It was not intended by God. ” In a sense you could say that this is true, however, you could also say that if it was only meant for God, then why did he let us discover it? Also, aren’t we all really clones, and genetic copies of our parents? When we give birth, to an extent, aren’t we actually giving birth to clones of ourselves?

We all see clones in our everyday life, twins, triplets, but never stop to see the hard fact. The fact that we all tell our children, but never take in ourselves – we are all the same. Technically, we are all clones. So why shouldn’t scientific cloning be allowed? Some anti-cloning appreciators may decide not to adopt the standard “God” card, but go for something similar. “We are all humans,” they say, “we will eventually push this too far, while there may be medical benefits to cloning, the potential misuse of this kind of activity is frightening. My immediate reply to this is, “Yes, we are humans, we will eventually push this too far, but if the government embraces it now, and puts it under close control, we’ll be fine. ” There are always people out there that will take advantage of this breakthrough in the wrong way and use it for unimaginable things, However, scientists should be allowed to let the process of cloning develop. Scientists have been able to improve the lives of many human beings. None of the improvements, advances, and breakthroughs would have been possible if the moralists had won the debates.

Lets face it, without science we’d still be without light and electricity, and in the Anglo-Saxon era. With this breakthrough, imagine the amount of lives that we could save! There are also many people out there that feel cloning is a waste of our money and time. We’re all destined to die at a certain point, right? Wrong. Or at least it would be if scientists got their way. Technically, if cloning went well, we could all live to be 150 but then, imagine a world filled with old people?

No, there you go, us humans pushing our new found knowledge and using it for our personal benefit again. Cloning (if allowed), would be used to help people with disabilities and infertile couples. No way is it intended to prolong life for those who are fit and healthy. At 150, wouldn’t you feel just a little too tired and bored? Scientists are here to help nature on its way, to explain how nature works and how it can help us, not mock it. With the help of cloning millions of people would be able to walk again. In conclusion, I do still feel that cloning should go ahead.

There may be many reasons against it but, is there any argument against cloning that isn’t at heart, a religious one? It is all to do with God, and yet he may have planned it to end up this way. We were to discover cloning and we were to have debates about it, but why would he let us find this knowledge, and then bury it deep in the ground when otherwise we could save lives? This is just one of the many things that un-prepared religious people haven’t thought about. Let’s face it, science has done far more to improve the quality of life than religion ever has.