Collection: well managed and transparent operation.Funds raiseThe significant

Collection: Acquisitions and DonationsDifferent from the collections inherited by the state museums, as well as the incremental expectation of the relocation of cultural relics, the Guggenheim Museum Foundation, as a private institution, does not have a solid historical basis and institutional guarantee. Apart from its own acquisition accumulation, the Guggenheim Museum Foundation can only rely on Personal donation and hosting. In fact, Guggenheim’s long-term fixed exhibition collection mainly comes from nine individual collectors, and the reason is mainly based on recognition and trust of the foundation, which requires the foundation must be well managed and transparent operation.Funds raiseThe significant success of the Guggenheim Museum Foundation lies in its unique funding structure, which means that over 60% and even over 70% of the capital income can be realized through its own museum operations, including tickets, tours, royalties, peripheral products and Services revenue generated, of which ticket sales revenue was stable, patrol exhibition fees and royalties revenue accounted for the largest and significant growth, fully demonstrated the Guggenheim Foundation good economic returns, strong operational capacity and positive development expectations, and Not overly dependent on external financial support.Perfect governance structure and operation modeThe Guggenheim Museum Foundation implements a three-tier governance structure at the leadership and executive levels and at the museum level, which has better centralized control and higher autonomy.the chairman, president, vice president and a large number of directors, financial officer, secretary, consist of top management committee which is mainly responsible for strategic decision-making and financial control.At the middle level is the Foundation Executive committee which consists of a director and nine deputy directors in charge of different functions . It is the management of the Foundation that really holds power. It also includes the Guggenheim Museum of Venice and Bilbao E Guggenheim Museum of the person in charge.At the base level are the Guggenheim Museum Branches which are responsible for specific daily museum operations and have greater autonomy in their own affairs