College time when the students exit the regular

College is a much awaited phase in the life of every student. It is a time when the students exit the regular school life and enter the fun filled college life. Apart from the various activities and exposure to opportunities provided by the college authorities, what fascinate students the most is the College Elections. Be it a freshman, a sophomore or a senior, everyone wants to experience the pleasure of casting a vote. For the students of the freshmen year, the voting day is no less than a festival because it’s their first experience of exercising their right to vote. It is the first time, they will be becoming a part of the change. There was a time when politics was associated with only the middle aged and senior citizens. However, in a country with world’s largest youth population, undoubtedly, the voice of the youth matters a lot. But the experience gained during the prolonged phase of election is not always rewarding. There comes a time when the entire fascination seems trivial and messy.  The reality of these college elections never come in the limelight. The problems faces by the students are always unseen. Entering the college these days seems a struggle. The moment a person steps into the campus, the supporters of various contesting candidates came running to seek votes. People can be seen waiting outside the classrooms and attacking like hungry lions just to propagate themselves. The students are considered so important that they are cajoled by giving treats, parties, notes, books and of course by making fake promises. These candidates make an individual feel superior and extremely important. This looks kind of cool in the beginning but when the real picture gets released, it seems quite nasty and wicked.   But the question is that is it really essential to use these aged methods in the modern era? Aren’t the candidates confident enough to seek votes on the basis of their manifesto and through their charisma? Or do they lack the art of influencing  people with their words? Maybe they are unsure of fulfilling the promises made by them. It is high time when these people, contesting for different posts should understand that these tactics won’t work for them anymore. Gone are the days when people were manipulated and made to vote on the basis of popularity, fake promises, mass mobilization, baits etc. The youth today is smart enough to make a rational decision and choose a representative who’ll actually work for them. It’s better not to turn these elections into a mess because once this happens, the telling of distrust and discontentment gets generated which is not good for politics and democracy as a whole.