Commentary of Ali G Review

The purpose of my article is to both advertise the film but also to entertain, inform and give honest truth to the audience about how compelling the film is. The review was written to be included into the FHM magazine, which is aimed at male teenagers.

To entice the male audience a very masculine style of writing had to be used, which was appealing in context of the area boyish. I used pragmatics in the opening sentences to help attract the male audience into reading the article, the colloquialism ‘Big it up’ makes the start to the piece informal and fun, which makes it a more appealing read. Comedy is used throughout the piece ‘fortunately Madonna does not make an appearance’, this is in light of Ali G’s current TV work where he has been doing a lot of award shows. Very light comedy is used to make the male audience laugh and find the humor funny but to also keep the masculine reader interested and to keep on reading and find out more.

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Quotes are used from the film such as ‘Is it because I is black?’ They are used to give the audience a taste of what to expect from the film and the type of language and comedy that is applied. Rhetorical questions are used in the piece to make the reading audience think more when reading the review, this gives the piece an extra dimension as it gives it a more complex structure. In this circumstance though it is used to criticize the film as after a while everything gets very repetitive and dwindles down into a very average film. This is how an effective critique is formed as both the positive and negative aspects of the film are mentioned so a very fair and honest review is given, this makes the reader trust the judgment of the author and feel more at ease with reading it.

Connotations are effectively used when both criticizing and applauding the piece. When criticizing a more degrading and insulting lexis is used ‘The fictional MPs we meet here are cartoonish fools’. However when positive vibes are been described a more uplifting and complimenting language is used ‘Ali G at least boasts slightly more sophisticated humour’. When referring to the humorous and more positive points in the film the sentence structure is simple, factual based and concise points are made to highlight the major areas where the film excels in. This makes the piece very easy to read as the language is uncomplicated, which appeals to the average teenage male reader.

There’s a range of Ali G’s lexis throughout the piece. ‘Keeping it real’, ‘Inda ghetto’ and ‘me Julie’ are a few examples. They are used to get the audience in the right mood and frame of mind to fully appreciate and take in what information the article gives out. Also it reinstates the informality of the piece and allows lads to pick up new phrases that can be later used in conversation, which makes the piece more interesting. Also for males that are more accustomed to using this type of language it makes them feel more relaxed and at ease reading the piece.

The review uses irony to convey how Ali G makes it to be an important cabinet minister ‘stumbles from success to success’. This show how fortunate and lucky he was and also shows how unrealistic and very fictional the film is. Proper and abstract nouns are used to give factual reference of such things as the cast of the film and where it was produced. ‘Shot mainly in London over the summer of 2001, the film also has Ali visiting his spiritual homeland: South Central LA’. This shows some of the nouns that are used in the piece and they are used to add an extra dimension, so it makes it more than just a review of the film but an informative piece in purpose. This makes the review a better read as it has a wider approach to the subject and it is a more in depth review that the target audience can learn things from.

Adjectives are used such as ‘yoof’, ‘unthreatening’ and ‘clumsy’ this makes the piece more interesting to read as it is more imaginative and descriptive, so it makes the piece better and more challenging to read whilst also more rewarding as it will broaden the readers use of language. Compound adjectives are then used to further increase the effect, an example of this is ‘satisfyingly hard’ this makes the review read continuously and allows it to flow more with out stopping. It also gives the reader a better picture of what the film is like and as it describes it better and in more detail.

The review that I produced gives a fair reflection on Ali G’s film and gives valuable information on the positives and negatives of the movie. However to make the review better a more in depth analysis is needed, more adjectives should be used to give a more clinical view of the film.