Common allusions in prose and poetry

Daedalus and Icarus
Symbolic of the danger of being in the land of the gods. Father-son duo; flew too close to the sun and died; wax melted for the suns heat in the wings fell apart

Damon and Pythias
From Greek mythology; inseparable friends willing to die for each other; accused of creating a plan against Dionysius; asks to say goodbye to family and friends

Divinely delivery; extreme bravery; unwavering faith; known to be a profit he could interpret dreams

David and Bathsheba
Had a son, Solomon; she cheated on her husband him and got pregnant; he put the husband on the front line; she’s “irresistible”

David and Goliath
A giant killed by a man with a sling; symbol for bravery. The just defeating the unjust; jack and the beanstalk: modern example

Dionysus or bacchus
God of wine; sometimes he was joyful sometimes he was enraged; symbolic for overuse or axis

Divide the sheep from the goats
When the faithful are divided from the unfaithful at the time of judgment; and literature time of separating the false

Eye for an eye
From Leviticus in Old Testament; The law of retaliation the principle that a person is to be penalized to a similar degree

Four Horsemen of the apocalypse
From revelation; symbolizes the end of time; war, famine, death, and plague

Garden of gethsemane
Garden outside of Jerusalem where Jesus prayed before crucifixion; physical or psychological suffering in literature

Good Samaritan
To be a good neighbor; _ and Jews had A long-standing hatred; Jewish man beaten, _ helps him

Grail or holy grail
The cup that caught Jesus’s blood in on the cross

Heap coals of fire
Biblical allusion; kill them with kindness be kind to your enemies; from proverbs

Killed every male child that could’ve been the same age as Jesus; the ultimate evil

House has many mansions
From book of john, there is room for all; Christ says to peter; inclusive for everything

Damocles, sword of
Gets to experience being king and sits at the head of the table with a sword hanging over his head; things are always in danger with power comes great responsibility