Communication: or sender is defined as the initiator


The impact on teamwork, listening, understanding and intercultural


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root word of ‘communication’ is a Latin word which is communicare. It means to share, or to make common (Weekley, 1967).
Hence communication nowaday is defined as the process of understanding and
sharing meaning (Pearson & Nelson, 2000).

              Communication can be divided into
two type of tools. There are personal comminication tool and non-personal
communication. Personal communication tools are those in which two or more
people communicate with one and another. The primary means of personal
communication is the word of mouth. Another example of personal communication
is E-mail which the medium of this communication is Media. For non-personal
communication, the tools are those the communication does not occurs by person
to person. It only occurs through a channel or some other media. Some of the
examples are national and regional newspapers and megazines, telivision and
satelite and cable telivision.

order to make a communication be realiable and effective to occurs, Dubrin
(1997) stipulates that six component must be presents. There are source or
sender, a message, a channel, a receiver, feedback and environment.

                The source or sender is defined
as the initiator of the communication event. This person is usually the one who
is attempting to send a spoken, written, sign language or non verbal message to
another person. Message is the main factor or the idea that to be conveyed.
Ther are many factors to allow the messae to be received. Among them are
clarity, the alertness of the receiver, the complexcity of the message and how
the message is being informed or organized.

              Channel is a medium on how the
message can transmitted or delivered. Its concern the way the massage is being
transmiteed or delivered. In an organizations, there are a lot of channels or
medias available as a medium of conveying a message. For example, there is heavy
reliance on electronic transmission of messages (email) in today’s business
environment. Receiver is the other party or for whom the message is intended to
be send. Communication can only be deemed to be complete only when the receiver
receives he message and understand its content.

               Feedback is the message or
response or in other word acknowledgement of the receiver to the sender.
Without feedback it is almost impossible for the sender to know that the
receiver has received the message or understand it.

               A full understandig of communication
requires knowledge of environment in which the messages are transmiteed or
received. It is important also to mention that distraction of any kind can
caused damege to the message that being send. In this context, noise of any
kind that can disrupts communication, work stress or blurred visibility must be

good and effective communication is vital in order to deliver the message
within. After understanding communication and its prosess, it will make us be
more deligent on the impact of it on teamwork, listening,understanding and
intercultural communication.

has a great impact on teamwork, listening, understanding and intercultural.
Most of it, if delivered in the good and productive message will provide a
positif impact to the sender and receiver. Hence, it also bring a negative
vibes if it is doing wrongly and misscommunication occurs.

                  Further topic will disccuss the impact that commucation brings on teamwork,
listening, understanding and intercultural. The positives and negatives impact will
be elobarated for futher understanding.


Impact On Teamwork

Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people. The paradox of teamwork is that it relies on the individual skills of those sharing responsibility (Avery, 2001). Each person in the group has their own roles to achieved their purpose and goals. But, to acheive the objectives of the group, they must have good attitude, common understanding about the objectives and the most important is communication with one another. Communication is very important especially in teamwork. But, communication can be divided into two type that is good communication and bad communication. Good communication can make a lot of advantages in a group while bad communication can bring disadvantages to the group.                  There are many good impact of communication on teamwork and the first one is it increase interaction between one another in the group and can strengthening relationships among group members. When in a group, there may be members in the group who do not know each other and one of the most effective ways to get acquainted is to communicate. In this way, they get to know deeper and this can reduce the level of discomfort between each other and group member can give opinion comfortably without feeling worried and shy.                   The second good impact of communication on teamwork is it able to boost team spirit among teamwork. For example, when their ideas and opinions are accepted, they  feel important and happy and it is a passion for them to be better for the future. Caring attitude also one of the characteristic in term of good communication and it can provide a positive aura in the teamwork at the same time giving a good overall impact especially in achieving their goals.                   The third good impact of communication on teamwork is it can build trust between the member itself. As with our family, we also need to communicate with our teamwork and not necessarily just talk about work, but also can talk about personal, financial, opinion on current issues and many more. This type of communication can build trust and gain respect to each other.                The fourth is good communication can increased information and knowledge. Each person in teamwork have their own experiences, knowledges, and access to some informations. For example, when they are discussing about one topic and one member already know and experienced it, he/ she can share what he/ she know about it and giving the other member the knowledge and tell them the view about the topic. Therefore, it can save a lot of time since there is no need to find a lot of information regarding the topic.                  The next is it can increased diversity if views. Good impact of communication on teamwork can bring many point of view because many opinions and ideas are given. Before making a final decision, each member in the teamwork have to assess each of the work and opinions given. This situation can lead to diversity of view by assessing the  idea given and there is so much possibility that some ideas may be included in the final work.                 Last but not least is good communication can make the level of teamwork performanced higher. Good communication can provide group member a better understanding on the objectives and purpose of the teamwork. When they know their roles and their importance as a part of the teamwork, it could save so much time to explain their roles. Besides that, good communication such as appreciation over their contribution also related with teamwork performance. No one will be sad when accepting the appreciation, instead they will work harder so that they can improve their teamwork performance.                  Communication can also bring disadvantages to a teamwork if the communication in the group is fail and having a bad communication. There are some impact of bad communication on the teamwork. The first one is it can waste time. Bad communication can lead to misunderstanding of the objectives and as a result, the final outcome will not fulfill the requirement needed. So there will be a wasting of so much time from the start and the goal cannot be achieve.                The second is attitude between the group member.  When a communication fails, it is likely that the relationship between the members of the teamwork is estranged and at the same time causes disrespect. This situation can make no one will listen and causes their opinion not accepted not because it is unrelated but because the person itself. This bad communication impact the teamwork and the worst, this teamwork will breaking apart.                  The third impact of bad communication on teamwork is a person in the teamwork can be selfish and the teamwork itself has a negative competition. This is not the purpose of a teamwork. Being in a group or teamwork need someone to work together, compete positively and selflessly.

                  The conclusion is, communication have two type, whether it is
good or bad communication. These type of communication can bring advantages and
disadvantages to a teamwork and it can impact the teamwork. Continued
efforts, especially involving the skills in communication, should be taken and
applied in their respective settings such as attending courses and exercises.
This will not only enhance the skills in communication, but will also increase
their knowledge about communication skills.


Communication: The impact on listening.

                    Transferring information and meaning between
sender and receiver is called communication
(Griffin, 2006). One of the most
important skill in communication is listening skills. There are few types of
listening skills which is content listening, critical listening, emphatic
listening and active listening. To get a better communication, they are few
process that is involved. Firstly, is receiving. Second is decoding. Third is
remembering and lastly is responding. If there is a breakdown in this process,
the listening skill will be affected and not effective.

The impact of listening in communication can be explained in many
aspects. First, an effective listening skill will lead to an effective
communication between 2 persons Weaver, (Carl, 1972). In a workplace, an ability to listen
is very important as it can avoid conflict resolution and even solve conflicts.
An effective listening skill can be a way to show true concern and
understanding of a situation. This can even increase interpersonal bonding,
forming a basis for commitment and trust.

Secondly, besides the fact that listening skills can reduce any work pressure
and stress among the colleagues, effective listening skill can also lead to a
healthy work environment. And a healthy environment, especially in work place
leads to increase of motivation and productivity (Dozer, 1997). The impact of
listening on communication can be seen clearly here especially on the example
of a workplace. When an employer decides to spend some time to listen to their
workers problems and complaints, the employer does not only can solve the
problem but can also take measures to ensure the same problem does not arise

                 Thirdly, an improved and good
listening skills also can ensure to maintain a good reputation. Good listening
skills can prevent misunderstandings and improve our communication with anyone
outside of the work area. It is important to take note that when there is a
good reputation, any business will tend to stay strong even when there are
problems.  For an example, a vendor or
supplier might stills supply the goods for a certain period even after knowing
the business is not that doing great. The supplier or vendor would do as such
if the business has a good reputation and the person in charge of the business
have a good relationship with the vendor or the supplier.


listening skill is crucial for anyone for fact finding or in other words,
gaining information. Listening skills that enables one to gain all relevant
information will be able to take a comprehensive decision. And a comprehensive
decision is important in personal life and work life. Communication is an
important aspect in life. For instance, when one goes for an interview, it is
important to analyze the question put forward by the interviewer and answer
properly. In order to do that, the interviewee must have been able to listen to
the question and process it thoroughly before giving the answer. On the other
hand, if it is the interviewer, the interviewer should be able to listen and
comprehend the answers given to choose the correct candidate for the job.

listening can motivate employees or anyone in general when they are being heard
or given an opportunity to be heard. When an employer listens to their
employee, the employer can figure out what motivates the employee and what
aspects of the job that they find most rewarding. An employer may also find out
what aspects of the job that the employee finds most challenging.

that, an effective listening can also ensure that the we really do listen to
the people we are dealing with and not just hear them out. There are
discrepancies between listening and hearing. Hearing is not as effective as
listening to someone. Listening to someone means processing and understanding
their point of view or opinion (Les Back, 2007). In this regard, listening is effective when a customer
comes to a shop. The sales person should be able to listen to the customer’s
needs and point the customer to the right direction. The same goes for the
customer who should have effective listening skills in which, the customer then
would be able to go where he/she is supposed to go to get the things which is
suitable for them.

            Hence, the impact of listening in communication is high. It
is also clear that listening skills is important in communication in order to
maintain a healthy workplace and generally a happy environment.


impact on understanding.

          As human to we should gain enough knowledge to
perform better in life. Thus, to gain knowledge we need to get correct
information and to get correct information we need a better understanding. The
meaning of understanding is the ability to think and act flexibly with what one
knows. This is where communication plays a crucial role. Communication is a
medium to expose, explore and gain information. Example of main communication
medium that help in better understanding are, mass media such as television,
newspapers, internet and also social media.

            The positive impacts of communication on
understanding are firstly, for students it creates conducive environment to
study like a lot of information can be retrieved from internet and that information
are very clear that student will be able to understand and apply their
understanding in studies.

             Secondly, in our work environment
communication helps in meeting room where the employer and employee would share
and discuss about work related matters and for improvement of their work. We
use words to convey picture, sounds and feelings that exist in our mind. It
depends how the employer communicate whether through projector presentation or
verbal presentation. If there are colourful graphics that exciting to the view
of audience the understanding process would be success. Besides that,
professional face to face communication among employee will create better
understanding between them and the work environment would be free of stress.

              Thirdly, communication plays a vital role in
family. There should be good understanding to create a harmonious situation
among family members especially husband and wife. The polite way of
communicating between family members will not hurt ones feeling is always a key
for happy family.

               There  are negative impact of communications in
understanding. Negative side
effect to negative communication is workplace conflict. When one employee
spreads false rumours about another staff member, the result can often be a
verbal or physical altercation between the two parties. But conflict resulting
from negative communication is often not that straightforward. For example, if
an administrative assistant relays instructions from her manager that are
incomplete, but she does not realize they are incomplete, then any anger
resulting from the incomplete instructions would be directed at the assistant,
but she would not understand why the conflict started. Negative communication,
whether intended or not, can have an effect on staff morale. Persistent
intended negative communication can add stress to the workplace that makes it
difficult to develop a productive work environment. Unintentional negative
communication can be forgiven up to a point, but when it becomes habitual, it
can lead to a drop in staff confidence in the company.


Impact On Intercultural

is a process of delivering an order from an individual to another with the
purpose of informing, expressing views and altering behavior or changing
attitudes directly or indirectly. The four basic components of communication
consist of sources, recipients, messages and channels. (Lydia;Satya, 2008)

to E. B Tylor, the definition of culture is similar to the definition of
civilization. E.B Tylor defines culture as a whole communication that includes
knowledge including beliefs, arts, morals, religions, laws, customs, and
practices of human habitation for a society (Tylor, 1871). Culture will shape
the behavior of an individual who is eventually brought into communication.

to Sarbaugh, intercultural communication is communication between two or more
individuals who have different backgrounds of identity and they carry their own
culture into communication. All communications have cross-cultural elements
only whether they are at a high, medium or low level. A very cultured
communication is communication where the level of cultural differences is very
high. Less intensive communication is a low level of cultural differences (Sarbaugh,

communication issues are well-known for their problems because their negative
angles are more prominent than the positive side. This happens when an
individual or a community grows racist in nature. However, there are still many
positive effects that we can result from communication between these cultures.
When an issue involves a culture, it is actually a sensitive issue. Let’s
explore the impacts of communication between cultures.

is the biggest reflection of culture. To this day no one can accurately
determine the amount of language that exists on the earth. Hence, language
differences only make it difficult for communicators to understand the receiver
plus create a huge gap between one individual and another. This leads to a lot
of misunderstanding. We who are in the same cultural group sometimes experience
misunderstandings due to the failure to use appropriate language, face
expression and voice intonation in the communication process. What are more, different
languages, cultures, races and others? So, the disagreement between cultural
differences will be more active. To convey and shape understanding must be
through the process of communication. However, the success of the communication
process depends on the speaker and receiver. The nature of tolerance and
respect for each other can further promote the communication process.

next impact is the difficulty of reaching an agreement in making a decision.
This is because each individual has its own views. Typically, each individual
is more focused on his own culture. Every individual feels his culture is the
best, so his opinions needs to be first focused. The pride of the culture
itself is good. However, everything must be placed according to its place. Be
proud without racist. Be proud of the unique culture of our own origin without
put aside and minimize other individual cultures. If all human beings can be
rational in bringing the culture into the communication process, surely the
agreement in making a decision can be harmoniously shaped as well as celebrating
all the individual opinions.

addition, communication between these cultures has also resulted in no real
explanation. This cultural difference demands mutual respect for each other.
But because of this, the real intentions of the presenter were inhibited
because it was too cautious to speak the words to keep the hearts and
sensitivities of each individual. Ultimately, the thing to say is unclear and
the recipient cannot even understand the meaning of the presenter. The issues
discussed did not reach their true objectives and they became useless
discussions and no quality. Discussions and views are minimally inviting only
another bad person’s perception of the individual who communicates the
communication process, although the individual intention of the speaker is to
safeguard the feelings of all parties.

the mind is not focused on communicating between cultures as there are many
things to be done and digested at one time. That is, listening to the language
dialect, listening to every word, expression described in advance and
intonation. This causes an individual to be more likely to communicate and deal
with somebody else who is the same culture with him. Many problems can arise if
this happens. The disparity of marginalized individuals must be a major issue
in a long term. Do not celebrate the opinions of others is a huge loss. This is
because every opinion has its own strengths and weaknesses. If all the opinions
are celebrated properly, this allows it to complement each other in achieving
the best communication result.

group split. This effect is the most climactic effect and the solution taken in
the problem of a group. The split of this group is a step taken to solve the
problem and also to avoid the ongoing problem. Next, the individual chooses to
form a “secret” group with them. The question is will no problem
arise when forming a new group? All things must have been problematic and it is
up to you to deal with it. If it is to be in the way, surely the problems that
exist can be “advantages” for us. Only wise people can create
opportunities and opportunities for the present problems. On the contrary,
people who dare not face the challenge will only continue to give up and
continue to narrow their minds and views to do things easily and do not take
serious on doing anything.

but not least, all things must have been its pros and cons. Just like the
communication issues between these cultures. If you look at something in a
positive angle, it’s definitely a positive result. So vice versa. Everything is
up to the individual in facing any issues. Make every problem a challenge
rather than a hitch. Apply positive values ??in yourself to celebrate all the
differences found. Celebrating all the differences can foster unity and bridge
the gap. He is also capable of generating generous, mutual respect and racist