Communications oral interpretation vocabulary

Oral interpretation
Any performance of a published piece

Minstrel & bard
Traveling story tellers, travel & acting out what was going on in other towns or places

Anything that is published & is recognized, something that is going to have lasting value.

Anything that is written in story form, spoken in our common language

Not real, cartoons & fake stories

Real, really did happen

Conveying some sort of emotion, done by using words with strong emotion

Narrative poetry
Telling a story in poem form

Lyric poetry
Talks about what specifically happened to the other (in poem form)

Universal appeal
Something people would recognized, & whatever is happening in the story, people can relate & understand

Clear understanding of what the author is saying

Technical quality
If you have long piece of literature, you need to cut down so it will fit in time period. It is extremely hard to not cut something important.

Fictional speaker
Is the voice that’s telling the story

Imaginary audience
Is who the speaker is speaking to

The time & place, where the story happens