Comparison between documents collected from three different organisations

I have collected six documents from three different organisations, two from each. I collected them contacting these different organisations and asking for the various documents ie. an application form and an invoice. The three organisations I used were, ‘The State University Of New Jersey’, ‘Business serve’ and ‘Wyeth’. For the purpose of this document they will be lettered ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ in the order previously mentioned. Organisation ‘A’ is a university in America; I collected the documents by emailing them. Organisation ‘B’ is a business dealing in electrics, I visited them in order to collect the documents. Organisation ‘C’ is a pharmacist. Looking at these documents I have determined many differences and similarities.

Application forms

I have carefully analysed the three application forms. The main purpose of an application form is to retrieve information from potential employees.

By having your own application form one can specify the questions to match the criteria needed, however not all application forms are to recruit new staff. The purpose of ‘A’ is an application form for entering a university. Both ‘B’ and ‘C’ are recruiting staff. Although the basic formats of all three forms are similar in the way there are questions presented to the reader, the reader then answers the questions in the space provided. The layout and context are very different in each.

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Colour Schemes of the Application Forms

At first glance ‘A’ stands out the most this is due to the effective colour scheme used. The colour blue is used as the headings for each sections; questions are in red and the answers to be given in black. In my opinion the affect works well as the form itself is complicated and the colours make it easier to guide the applicant through the form.

The colour scheme of both ‘B’ and ‘C’ are black on a white background, but as they are relatively simple documents the lack of colour adds to the simplicity of the design as it relates to the suitability of purpose.

The spaces to write

Throughout all three documents there are three ways that each document wishes you to answer. There is 1) write your details 2) tick the appropriate box 3) to fill in a table. This has been done so that it can be answered in the simplest way possible and also to reduce mistakes and confusion.

Types of Questions

Although ‘A’ is the shortest application form and contains only two pages it looks the most tedious to answer, this is due to the questions being very detailed, making it very time consuming. Another reason being for it would be the American register, which is quite difficult to understand.

In ‘C’ the beginning of the application forms has more general questions, however at the back are lots of questions specified toward the chemists.

However ‘B’ is slightly less clear. The questions are more detailed but there are no sub headings to tell the applicant what to expect.

Layout of the Forms

The layout of ‘A’ is set in a small font perhaps size 10 which makes it difficult to read. However there are appropriate responses to the applicant. The form included sub headings for each section of questions. ‘A’ in my opinion is too complicated. One has to attach resumes and answered detailed questions, all in all a little too complicated. Perhaps though the layout and style process the purpose of the document. A complicated application form obviously means a difficult position compared with a simple document.

‘B’ is set into fifteen boxes and as mentioned before there are no sub headings to imply what type of questions the applicant should be answering. It is a simple document however slight improvements could be made such as a larger font and larger spaces left to answer.

Application form ‘C’s organisation is in a large clear font, followed by seven boxes each containing a sub heading in bold. After these boxes arestatements, which you have to tick if, they apply. Finally the last page consists of the declaration and application fee, I think this layout if effective and clear to the applicant.

No illustrations are used in any of the application forms. I think this makes is seem more mature and what is expected from you.

Purpose of the three

After analysing the application forms I have carefully studied the three invoices collected. They all have the primary purpose to record a list of goods shipped or sent, or services rendered. As shown in all three it contains the prices and charges of the items purchased. The invoices are most likely kept in order to aid assistance with account details, containing such sensitive information the documents must be clear.

The clarity of the documents

I feel that ‘a’ and ‘c’ are extrememly clearly produced docments, ‘a’ being slightly clearer than ‘c’. both these invoices state evidently the organistions in which they are associated with. The reason for ‘b’ being the most difficult to read is because it is more detailed than the others also the background on ‘b’ makes it harder to read.

Colour Scheme

Each of the documents are presented in black and white. I think this is important as although an invoice is an important document it need not be attractive to the reader as it is the information contained on the document which makes it valued.

Depth of details

On all three documents the company’s details are supplied very clearly. However in ‘a’ the companies actual details are rather vague. There is neither phone number nor postal code stated. Whereas on both ‘b’ and ‘c’ there is a full address and phone number is present making sure the organisation is easy to contact

Customer details are also supplied each of the three. However they are more detailed in ‘a’ than in the other two. ‘b’ and ‘c’ both use a reference number instead of all the personal details asked in ‘a’. I think it is necessary to have full details of customers in case of any queries regarding the invoice, however it may be easier to use a reference number in relation to a database.


The actual layout of the three invoices are very similar, each with columns all with headings. There are four columns in ‘a’ and ‘b’ whereas in ‘c’ there are five. In each three is a total box with ‘c’ having a simple total compared with the others having three separate total boxes.

Another feature I have noticed was that payment details are present in both ‘a’ and ‘b’, however in ‘c’ there are none mentioned. In my opinion payment details is essential in caseo f any recalling over any payments.


‘b’ contains slightly too many objects on the page including the background image. In document ‘c’ the font is quite difficult to read.

The font is clear in the other two documents with a simple company logo.

‘a’ is undoubtley the clearest of the three documents with the clear font and simpl9istic design, however as i mentioned before I would elaborate on the companies details.