Concealed with law enforcement, and if a criminal

Concealed carry has been a subject of debate recently in the United States. The subject of debate has ranged from if it should be legal at all, to getting rid of bans on college campuses, to how the media has been exaggerating information to cause a panic among the idea of guns in general, and more. Should adults be able to legally obtain a concealed carry? If they follow all the laws and regulations to legally obtain a license and concealed carry, yes, they should be allowed to obtain a handgun with the purpose of using it in the intended way that it is supposed to be handled. People have argued that concealed carry application requirements and background checks do not prevent dangerous people from acquiring weapons, and they would be right, but under a different circumstance than to what they’re referring. Yes, it is very true that criminals find ways to acquire these weapons, but they do not do it legally. Concealed carry licenses require an extensive process with law enforcement, and if a criminal was intending to cause harm they would not go through the process with the police force. There are different “markets” in which weapons are bought and sold. The “white” market is the legal side which is guided by law enforcement and the federal government, whereas the “black” market is the illegal sale of firearms (David Fortunato, 2015). In Ohio, officers issuing a licence must do a complete background check and a full mental evaluation before continuing with the process of issuing a concealed carry licence. By simply reviewing the revised code of your state or area, you will be able to access what is and isn’t eligible for the application process regarding background checks and mental competency.Another area of debate within the realm of concealed carry is not needing them because everyone should rely on law enforcement at all times. Now, you can’t be everywhere at once, and the police are people too. College campuses, which you would think would be a safely protected area for students to receive their education, still are not impervious to instances of crime and violence. In 2009, universities across the country accounted for 17 murders, 2590 forcible sex offenses, 1865 robberies, and 2675 aggravated assaults (‘Summary Crime Statistics’, 2012; Bruce A. Arrigo & Austin Acheson, 2015). “Although nearly all of the campuses reported having 24-h patrols, three digit emergency numbers, and emergency blue-light phones, campuses using sworn officers averaged only 2.3 police personnel to every 1000 students,” (Reaves & U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2008; Bruce A. Arrigo & Austin Acheson, 2015). A big argument to go along with the idea of relying on the police or other law enforcement officers at all times is the thought that allowing more guns in general will escalate the rate of violence rather than diminish it. Yes, although it may be very true to trust law enforcement and their extensive training and readiness to protect, citizens should still have the right to obtain a concealed handgun for the use of self-defense. As it has already been stated, law enforcement can’t be everywhere at once in the exact moment they are needed, so if a crime were to happen citizens would have to rely on their own defences until the help were to arrive.  There have been cases in areas where a violent attack was stopped from a person with a concealed handgun before it had escalated into something that could have caused a lot of damage and panic. Thus, concealed carry is a choice for self-defence that should be accepted.One of the biggest factors causing the widespread panic over concealed handguns is the media. “The media’s ability to make the rare event of mass shootings appear relevant to individuals is due to its ability to play on human psychology,” (Freedman, 2008; Bruce A. Arrigo & Austin Acheson, 2015). The media plays a big role on how we perceive issues in the world, and can often change our opinion on important subjects. The way media stylizes and stereotypes the rare occurrence that a mass shooting will happen and that allowing concealed handguns would increase that occurrence is everywhere. The panic that it ensues over gun violence is massive, and it makes people question the laws that are in place to keep us safe from dangers like this, when in fact it has the opposite effect. The media sources have been accused in the past of “not putting news and proper context”, states Burns and Crawford (1999), and could possibly receive a lawsuit for “profit-minded induced moral panic” in the near future. Overall, the media has created a mass misconception about the idea behind concealed weapons for the use of public self-defence.To conclude the argument being made, if citizens follow all the laws and regulations to legally obtain a license and concealed carry, yes, they should be allowed to obtain a handgun with the purpose of using it in the intended way that it is supposed to be handled. There are laws requiring safety measures and background checks for people who are applying, and the overall idea of the use of these weapons for public self-defence is widely accepted. The media has fueled the opposition with the improper representation of the context of the stories, and has failed the people with providing all the proper facts needed to create a solid opinion on the subject. Concealed carry is important for the defence of citizens, and should be kept legal.