Conceiving goal that when changed into action reinforced

Conceiving ideas
and transformed them into reality for the benefit of humanity is an ambitious
goal that when changed into action reinforced me to choose Sciences. At the
very young age when the Communication and Electronics were unprecedented to me,
I wondered about working of televisions, microwaves, landline phones and mobile
phones. Such stupefaction at such an early stage has led to a passion for
Engineering, so then I managed to get admission in Electrical
(Telecommunication) Engineering at Government College University, Faisalabad.


I completed my
graduation with CGPA 3.70/4.00. I was among the top three throughout the
engineering in the list of 96 students. During my Bachelors, the courses like
communication systems digital signal processing have helped me to understand
the theoretical and practical issues involved in analogue and digital
communications. I learned about all kind of analog and digital modulation
schemes; their applications and reasons for their use in communication. Later
years, I was taught wireless and mobile communication, rf and microwave,
optical fiber communication. This gave me a theoretical knowledge about these
generations that how they are evolved and how the data rates are enhanced using
different modulation schemes and how the capacity is enhanced using multiple
access techniques.


I choose my
Final Year Project Biomedical Based Antenna Design using Biotelemetry. It was Micro
strip Patch antenna resonating at 2.4 GHz, designed for biomedical applications.
The designed antenna was being aimed to be utilized on skin as well as inside
the body taking into consideration of tissue parameters. The main focus was to
improve bandwidth so that patch antenna is used for wide band applications.


After completing my degree I joined LCC (Light Bridge Communication
Corporation) Pakistan as RF Engineer working on Ericsson Mobilink NPM Project
in Rf planning and optimization department. Where I was responsible for
Performing Scanning Activity and finding area’s having Interference, Indoor
testing, Drive testing for coverage, Audio Quality MOS, Call setup and success
rates, Handovers, Drop call and FTP throughput rates for 2G/3G and 4G, KPI
evaluation and Layer 3 signaling messages analysis for Accessibility,
Retainability and Mobility.


After one year
experience in field, I started working as a Lab Engineer in same University
from where I graduated; I was responsible for conducting Communication system,
Rf and microwave lab. After getting practical, theoretical and teaching
experience just find my thirst for research in the field of communication. It
makes me to apply for Communication Engineering masters’ degree in Aalto
University; here, I will be able to establish a strong network for research
training in wireless communication focused on innovation and improvement of
Processing through the introduction of high-end industrial machines. Latest
digitalization will provide an efficient communication track, through important
application domains like Internet-of-Things (IoT) and 5G mobile communications.



I am choosing Aalto because it is the number top ranked and oldest
institute of Finland. In Aalto all programs have organized in to strongest
research environments and research centers reflect practical approach to
research. Aalto have scholarship opportunity for talented students attracts me
a lot, In Aalto From postgraduate subjects to doctorate level, there are plenty
of opportunities for me to fulfill my ambition. Here, I can take advantage of
informal atmosphere, where teachers are easily approachable and
tuition often takes place in small groups.


A successful
research program in this area would allow me to fulfill my goals of becoming a researcher
in the field of communication. I genuinely trust that my devotion towards
perfection in whatever I do, alongside my remarkable academic records, qualify
me for getting admission. Thank you for your consideration and I am looking
forward to hearing from you.