Contents types in order to deliver the specialized



Introduction about
Carritos. 2
Carritos Products. 2
Business Statement 2
Business Vision. 3
Carritos E-commerce
Process. 3
S.W.O.T Analysis. 4
Carritos Web design. 5
Carritos Web design (
Draft ) 5
 Carritos  Interface Concept 3
Carritos System Functionality. 3
Carritos Website Design. 4
Applied Software and Hardware. 5
Security and Risks 5
Conclusion. 7






Introduction about

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helps in facilitating the operations of Carritos and its consumers; by dealing
with many organizations and companies to provide the best services and products
for consumers.

is a Specialized Saudi Company in making and importing food trucks and trailers.

triggered the idea of Carritos was the needs of the market and the passion of
making life easier for the food truck industry. To take this industry to the
next level, the idea behind Carritos implements a website that help customers to
find what they are looking for in food trucks starting from the design types in
order to deliver the specialized item to the costumer.






We at
Carritos provide a full service package that contains truck types, interior design,
exterior design, food suppliers, food containers, food bagging, electronic
marketing, truck remodeling, maintenance, logo design, and Feasibility study
analysis for the Carritos’ costumers. 




in Carritos took the burden to be the first in providing the best quality at
affordable prices to meet the expectations of the costumers.  Also, Carritos is the first company to provide
a full package from ‘head to toe’ all in a one stop shop.



Business Vision

We seek
to be the leaders in the Food Truck business growth and enhance the industry by
having the best business models, strongest partnerships with alliances of major
local, regional and international companies.




Carritos E-commerce


makes new business opportunities for the Food Trucks industry. Carritos Company
has a variety of products and services, which all serve to illuminate the
consumer’s understanding about the privileges of a Food Truck business. One of
these privileges being the capability of making a profit while maintaining a
low budget. This includes the unification of all the desired services and
products that are usually found separately, costly and time wasting.


customer can simply open the Carritos website, and through a user-friendly search
bar, they can look through many models and options then chose the type they prefer.
All types and models come with a standard design, and there is the availability
to redesign at the customer’s preference. After choosing the type and model he
has to make the choice between the standard designs or specialized designs as
he prefers. Afterwards, he has the choice to upload his own logo design or with
the help of our professional media team create a customized logo. These designs
will be used for all the food truck design needs, ranging from the truck logo
itself, to even the food containers and bags. These are the first choices the costumers
have to make when opening the website. The second choice for the costumer is
picking a package from the package list. The package list contains five
packages that each satisfies the specific customers’ needs. This is where our
leading expertise and strength in the food truck market, will benefit the
customer by providing them the most suitable and affordable solution. Our
company is invested in, and works for, the success of our customers. We will
offer full customer care available on demand for our consumers because of the
nature of the food truck industry.



Carritos Web


Carritos Web
design ( Draft )



Specialized in food truck and trailers










Carritos System




Under the navigation bar of the
home page (Header) the costumer will find list of the main products that we
selling which is the most wanted in the market in interactive interface and
email news list to update the costumer about our latest products. Underneath it
the costumer also can book for a visit to our company head quarter to see our
trucks by himself. We also offer many solutions for our customers that he can prefer
most. The page shows our domestic certificate of quality and the national
events that our costumers involved in. while he scrolling down the costumer can
see the logos of the famous products that we proud to use in our trucks  which they are the lieges of it is industry
such as General Electric , Wery and Black & Decker. We shows the quality of
the product that mainly we use in our trucks . which meant for hardcore use (
Heavy duty ) and the best quality in the market . in the lower part of the page
(Footer) the costumer will find company contact number and the company email which
is also given in the Contact us page also the company opening hours . The end
of the page shows social media contact icons to show to our customers that we
have Public Relations in social media for our products.




In this page the costumer will see
the history of the company with many photos that shows our company headquarter
and some of famous client in the Saudi market that we proud to have them as our
clients also honored certificate for our participating in social and public
services  and humanity & cherty
services and awards wining of quality services.



In services page the costumer can
choose the truck type based on the foods & and beverages that he wanted to serve.
The costumer can do his interior design as the way he imagens his view to make
it more attractive to his costumers. For the exterior design we provide many
designs that pleases our clients. In food suppliers we assure to provide a variety
and quantity also quality within reasonable price and continually. For food
containers we help the client to choose the perfect size that fit and more
usable for his products. We also make food bagging that have good quality and beautiful
design that attract who ever seen it with printed logo on it and the social media
addresses of the client project. In electronic marketing we support our client
by making regular advertisement in social media and in our website and in SEO
integration. For truck remodeling we provide to the clients who have his already
truck to make the needed changes in our garage. We provide maintenance in our
garage also on call team to provide service for our client in their locations
for 24/7. We have professional designers they can provide perfect logo designs
that suet the client whatever vision. For the client who want to start in food
truck business and have not much of information and ideas we provides
Feasibility study analysis for their project to help them to start their business
and to make sure they stay on the right track.


For Packages page we provide to our customers
a very unique feature of our website which is giving the costumers verity of packages
the suet their need:

Package 1: costumers can choose the type of
the truck and logo design.

2: customers can choose the type of the truck and logo design also food containers.

Package 3: costumers can choose the type of
the truck and logo design and food containers also Feasibility study analysis.

Package 4: 
costumers can choose the type of the truck and logo design and food containers
also Feasibility study analysis and electronic marketing.

Package 5: Custom package this choice gives
our customers the availability of customizes the package they are looking for
based on what they need.

Contact Us


Her in this page we give our client to communicate
with us through many deferent channels that start from our social media address
and our phone lines also email address. They can also find our location in this
page by linking location window from google maps to the page. We also provide
an already made form that gives our costumer to write their compliances or feedback
or suggestions.

Breakdown Services

From this page our client can request a maintenance
for their trucks or any appliances that we provide to them ether in our garage
or by support team by booking an appointment for maintenance service.

Truck Accessories

The costumers can shop online for their truck
accessories such as lights, paper wall, food table and chairs, outdoor air
conditions for who want to sit and eat, etc.…., also they can shop for kitchen
accessories like spoons, forks, knifes, towels, blenders and adds on or spare
parts for kitchen appliances.












Website functionality

Software & Hardware


There is no software needed to be
used because the hosting website is fully functional with everything needed for
designing the website. Wix is the name of the hosting website that gives
service with java script and APIs fully support which means saving time for
coding and designing in software like Dreamweaver and Front-page on the other
hand saving money for hosting separately . Wix hosting provide cloud services that’s
mean there is no need for separate hosting and hardware which will save money
and time that will reflect in my project budget .


Party APIs & Compute Functions

web apps easily in the Editor and add your logic in JavaScript. Call external
APIs or use compute functions to expose the backend of your web app as an API –
all without setting up any servers.”


Wix has many attracting features
such as:

Code: Get advanced capabilities with all the stunning design
features of the Wix Editor. Set up databases, create dynamic pages, repeating
layouts, build custom forms and take full control of your site with JavaScript
and our APIs.

SEO Wiz: The new FAQ widget instantly gives you answers to the
most common questions about getting your website found on Google.

Wix Bookings: Promote your services with a customizable page
dedicated to your business offerings. Once a customer clicks on one of your
services, they’re taken to this page where they can learn more.

Wix Blog: Now in mobile view, your blog’s header will match your
site’s header – exactly.


Wix Arena: Wix Experts can now
let clients know if they’re available for projects.

New Image Filters: Play around with 40+
new image filters. It’s a great way to unify the images on your site to create
a stunning and professional look.

New ShoutOut Templates Page: Explore the new Templates Page
located in your Wix ShoutOut dashboard. You’ll quickly find the perfect email
template for your brand or business.

Wix Mobile App: Engage customers and promote your business
throughout the holiday season with new Social Posts and ShoutOut email

Scroll Effects for Mobile: Spruce up the mobile view of your
site with stunning new scroll effects – Frozen, Fade Out and Disappear.”



Security and


Security is resolved as the most
vital part in online store or administrations. It ought to be on the grounds
that the site most be entered by any individual in anyplace. There are many
variables that reason a danger to the site, and different dangers, for example,
infections, hacking, and a considerable lot of the boundless dangers can
confront the site and the online organizations.

The main pillars that must be used
in the development of the website:


Using SSL as part of the integration
of HTTPS protocol and using Java Script and smart APIs to ensure that the data
is shown in the site and transmitted over the web and not changed by unapproved


The SSL is:

SSL remains for (Secure Sockets
Layer) and, to put it plainly, it’s the standard innovation for keeping a web
association secure and shielding any delicate information that is being sent
between two frameworks, keeping hoodlums from perusing and adjusting any data
exchanged, including potential individual points of interest. The two
frameworks can be a server and a customer (for instance, a shopping site and
program) or server to server (for instance, an application with individual
identifiable data or with finance data).

It does this by ensuring that any
information exchanged amongst clients and locales, or between two frameworks
stay difficult to peruse. It utilizes encryption calculations to scramble
information in travel, keeping programmers from understanding it as it is sent
over the association. This data could be anything touchy or individual which
can incorporate charge card numbers and other monetary data, names and




To keep my customers and to ensure
that the web based business site keeps on working as what proposed or intended



Make sure of recognize the clients
or client character and their restriction of access, to secure the data so the
clients not ready to access to the individual data of different clients.


The website offers options of Multiple
secure Payment Methods such as credit cards, PayPal, offline payments in
SSL environment which is mean is more secured.

Accessablity :

The website can be found esaely as
a part of SEO (Serach Engine Optimization).

The Potential Threats:


There are numerous dangers are
undermining the site, for example, infections, worms, Trojan steeds, and the
sky is the limit from there. With the undesirable projects, for example,
adware, spyware, et cetera. These projects are a security risk that shows up
when programs are introduced on your PC with no acknowledgment from the
clients. Lose of showcasing and arrangements in a few places, these misfortunes
may distance clients to different organizations or remove the dealings with our

Likewise, there’s additionally a
typical security dangers, for example, Cypervandalism, information rupture,
charge card extortion, spams, and so forth. The contenders and the Seasonal
request are a few dangers may confront the organization, with the financial
issues too.


We are making sure with our customers
to meet us face to face to see our products to prevent the online scams so they
can pay for things that they already see in our Head Quarter physically before
they pay.

Payments security issues and
dangers. Is a standout amongst the most critical dangers that should be considered.
The clients will include their visa or their MasterCard into the web site and
we must ensure their data and their cash too by securing the data. Make a point
to add proposal space to enable the clients to include their suggestions as a
feed back to enhance our administrations.