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Worked by: Kevin Koci

Subject:”Free trade & fair trade”

This essay is going to be a comparative one which is going
to help us a lot in being clear of the differences and advantages of free trade
or fair trade,discuss the benefits we take from them and help us to be clear
enough to choose which is the best economical option for the situation.Today,
our economical situation isn’t going as well as we thought it would be and
that’s why the government is making laws or giving us many facilitating
measuares to grow our business.To develop a business we have to have the right
and suitable conditions to exchange or sell products to our customers or even
to other businesses who sell it with a new price.

Experts say that the only solution to this problem is Fair
& Free trade all over the world,so no more taxes,political
bounds,high-price products.Free trade means “breaking the ice” better explained
as removing all taxes,international import and export fees and deciding
standard workers’ protection and a considerable minimum wage.(Link1)On the
other hand,Free trade is a very commonly practiced economic solution because it
allows every country from Africa to Large East to import and export products
between them.From the history we remember that in the past these countries had
a lot of difficulties exchanging products between them cause of the politics
followed by their leaders.But now it is a lot more helpful because it places
restrictions on producers and farmers to so that we can have the best options
in the market.Furthemore fair trade means that we will pay more for our
everyday products and as a consequence workers will earn more money.

To discuss all the differences of free and fair trade we are
now based on the current economical situation and say our opinion on which of
these economic measure is more worthy of it.Firstly.the goal of free trade is
to increase nations’ economic growth while fair trade means hiring more people
to make their life better and decreasing the unemployment problem.(“The
Economist”)Secondly,free trade is based on trading policies between countries
or the customs too while fair trade is based on partnership strategies between
companies to ensure a lot of funds,a much more better wage and standard
conditions too.(Link2)

In addition to this,free trade also will bring the effect of
lowering taxes,quotas and disappearing barriers between countries so all the
worldwide market is free for all.It also will create a lot of opportunities
through market and government policies or rules.(Link1)In contrary to that fait
trade will serve to us the option to increase our living wage and improve the
community costs and standards.Both of these measures will have a certaing
effect on our life, or let’s better say in our economical life.Free trade will
bring a lot of benefits to corporations and businesses who export or import in
many countries while fair trade will help farmers and workers or producers who
have had the lack of economy and social opportunities.Instantly big companies
will have to fight with each other in the market for different product’s level
or price too so this will bring more competition between them.(“The Economist”)But
unfortunately for farmers they will have to make partnerships with the
community and their needs.

To conclude,I state that free trade is the best option we
have been offered so far because it being placed it will increase the general
income of our country,lower taxes,quotes,barriers.We will have the possibility
to decrease unemployment rate and will certainly have a great effect on the
lifestyle’s standards.The general standard or situation is much more helpful
for our current economical situation and is the only way to get out of this
economic disastes we are living with.


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2)The well-known newspaper “The Economist”