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Creatingharmony between business and human rights is an extremely complex process aseconomics crisis have underscored that starkly. However, United Nations havebeen working effectively to ensure that human rights are protected, fulfilled,and promoted in the workplace, as well as in the host community of businesses.Overall, we believe the UN’s effort to effect change regarding human rightsthrough “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” has been verypositive and effective. It takes a much more proactive approach to human rightsand international business practices rather than simply setting baselinerequirements and maintaining the status quo. Besides providing preventativemeasures to ensure human rights standards are adhered to, it also clarifies themeaning of the corporate responsibility to respect human rights, which is a keycomponent of global compact.We considerthat Protect, Respect, and Remedy is a comprehensive framework, which involvesthe players as it clearly differentiates the roles of businesses and states.

Onthe other hand, there are some limitations of this framework. According to areport issued by the House of Lords (2009), the framework treats the role ofcommunities affected by business activities as a passive one, and it offeredlittle details on what should be applied to make sure that corporates respecthuman rights (p. 96). Also, Max De Messa, Philippine Alliance of Human RightsAdvocate, told that promoting principles of human rights sometimes is notsufficient because the principals are voluntary. Businessespositively or negatively affect human rights whenever and however they operate.

In term of global, the effects of companies are two. Companies operate in poorcountries like Bangladesh and post-conflict countries where the localgovernments are unable to enforce their laws. With all these complexities it isnot always obvious who is responsible for preventing companies from violatinghuman rights. Therefore, the intervention of UN effectively addresses theseissues by implementing Protect, Respect and Remedy framework, which highlightsthe importance of new balances in the global economy environment and determinesthe responsibilities of governments and businesses for solving human rightsabuses globally.