Critical Analysis of Service Information

In this activity I will criticise and reflect on the Lincolnshire County Council leaflet on making a comment or complaint. In doing so I will look at how accessible and understandable the leaflet is and what language is used, for example the use of Jargon or if it is available in other languages. My activity will also look at how this leaflet could be improved and who this leaflet is actually aimed at.

This leaflet is initially designed for all members of society, however it is only accessible during the normal working hours as it is located in the main reception area, which is locked out of hours. Today when I went to select the leaflet I had to rummage through them as it was not clear to me which leaflet I required as they looked identical. While I was looking through the stand of leaflets it occurred to me that it was only assessable to those people that were able bodied and anyone in a wheelchair would have struggled as the stand was low down on the floor.

When I managed to locate the leaflet I was unimpressed by the front cover as it was not made very clear as to what it was about. The picture on the front made me suspect that I would have to write in with the complaint and how right I was. By the time I had got through the ten pages of information I was frustrated as anyone would be if all they wanted to do is to make a complaint about anything. Once I had reached the back page there was no room to write anything down except your name and address.

I noticed that this leaflet was only available in English (as that is all I could see). However at the back of the leaflet it told me that it came in different formats and languages, but as there was no phone number I had to write. This is within acceptable limits if you are able to read and understand English or read the small print or able to get into the office in the first place to pick up the leaflet.

In terms of improving the leaflet I feel the front of the leaflet should be more explicit, of which could be designed by a service user. I also feel that a variety of languages should also be available in the office as we currently have a very high population in Boston of Ethnic minorities, as well as phone numbers that can easily be read instead of just an address.