CTE Module 1 / 1.02

Learns best by saying, hearing, seeing words, or something related to words and language.

Learns best through rhythm, melody, music, or something related to sounds arranged in patterns, tone, and pitch through music, poetry, and etc.

Learns best by visualizing, dreaming, and using colors, pictures or anything related to images, seeing, and sight.

Learns best by categorizing, classifying, working with patterns and relationship, or something related to being precise or accurate.

Learns best by touching, moving, interacting with space, processing knowledge through bodily sensations, or anything related to physical activity and movement and awareness

Learns best by studying nature’s patterns, such as erosion and climate, learning how things work, and cause and effect relationships or anything related to nature and the environment

Learns best by sharing with others, collaborative groups, and teaching others or anything related relationships with other people.

Learns best by working alone, individualized projects, and self- paced instructions or anything related to being within self.