Currently, benefits and a good impact to the

Currently, many
researches are being conducted to find alternative sources as non-renewable
energy sources such as petroleum, gas, and coal are increasingly depleted.
Altrnative energy sources that can be used one of them is biogas. Biogas production
can use organic waste such as waste, animal waste which is processed by
anaerobic diggestion, and environmental waste. Biogas has many benefits that
are very useful for life now 


Biogas is one of the
alternative energy where the way of making using materials from waste that has
many benefits and a good impact to the environment. Biogas itself is widely
used as vehicle fuel, LPG gas replacement, organic fertilizer, power plant, and
can also be used as an alternative energy as the best solution to prevent
scarcity of fossil fuels on our earth. And here is a description of the
usefulness of biogas 

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First, biogas is used
as vehicle fuel. Currently, the use of fossil energy and fuel oil for vehicles
has begun to be noticed, namely by the conversion of fuel into gas-based fuel,
such as CNG or electric fuel. However, in addition to these two fuels, biogas
is also one of the excellent energy to become fuel from vehicles. Here is the
reason why biogas is good for vehicle fuel. Burning is environmentally friendly
and will not increase the amount of carbon in the air, making it safe for the
atmosphere. Cheaper for operational costs. Does not affect the performance and
performance of the vehicle itself 


Secondly, biogas is
used instead of LPG gas. One of the good energy that can replace the role of
LPG is biogas. Well-processed biogas and impurities, since biogas is basically
derived from waste, will be very reliable as a substitute for LPG gas which
increasingly burdensome people’s purchasing power. Of course biogas has a much
cheaper cost than the use of LPG. This will have an impact on the depressed
production prices of domestic industries, such as catering and restaurant
businesses, more cost-efficient cooking energy expenditures, and the transfer
of LPG funds for other household uses 


Third, biogas is used
as organic fertilizer that utilizes from waste biogas waste. In terms of
environment, making biogas that comes from waste and biodegradable waste will
produce organic fertilizer which is the result of processing biogas itself.
Organic fertilizer has many advantages, because it does not contain dangerous
chemicals that are likely to stick to agricultural produce later. In addition,
agricultural products that use organic fertilizers usually have a better and
fresh taste and appearance, have better nutritional content, and leave no
chemical residues that can harm the body 


biogas is used as a power plant. Currently, a single power supplier, PLN still
uses diesel fuel to supply most of its customers throughout Indonesia. In fact,
biogas can be one alternative fuel that can generate electricity. Approximately
1 cubic meter of biogas can generate 6000 watts of electricity per hour
(Sudaryono, 2012).

is one alternative way of making using materials from waste that has many
benefits and a good impact for the environment. Making biogas can use organic
waste such as waste, animal waste which is anaerobically digestion, and
environmental waste. Biogas has many useful uses for human life. For that biogas
is recommended for use in Indonesia in terms of benefits and good impact for
the environment