Dead Poets Society Part 2

Mr. Keating uses the poem “To the Virgins, Make Most of Time” to teach the boys to “seize the day” (carpe diem).

Why would he use this poem?

Don’t waste a single day, we only get one chance at life; we are all “food for worms”

He tells the boys that we read and write poetry “…because we are members of the human race.” What does he mean by this? Read the entire quote and explain in your own words.
As human beings, we need love and beauty to survive and to “feed our souls.

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” These are the things we life for

Read Walt Whitman’s poem titled “O Me! O Life!” and Mr. Keating’s quote following the poem (p. 2). If “the powerful play” is a metaphor for life, then what is meant by “.

..and you may contribute a verse.”?

What will be your lasting contribution to the world? How will you be remembered? Is success defined by what you do or who you are?

Translate, in your own words, what Thoreau’s quote beginning, “I went into the woods..

.” means (p. 3).

Live life to the fullest – don’t have regrets on your deathbed

Translate, in your own words, what Tennyson’s quote from “Locksley Hall” means (p. 3).
Adults underestimate the potential and strengths of young people. We limit them by trying to tell them how to live their lives. We try to prevent them from making mistakes – but mistakes are life lessons that help young people make better decisions and learn to have good judgment

Read the poem Todd “writes” in class with Mr.

Keating’s help (p. 4). Todd uses a simile in the first stanza.

What is it & what are the two things being compared?

“Truth is like a blanket.” Truth is a blanket that is to thin and short to cover you and keep you warm

In Todd’s second stanza, what is “it”?

Re-read Todd’s poem and as you read the second stanza, replace all the “it”s with what you wrote for #7. What is Todd’s message, or the meaning, of this poem?
Truth can never be changed. Todd’s truth is that he will always live in his older brother’s shadow; his parents will never accept that he is an entirely different person

Define the word “conform” (as in “conformity”).
Obey all the rules; Follow the crowd; Not thinking for yourself

In what ways is conformity a good thing? Give examples
Rules in sports; following driving rules; school rules (get to class on time)

Mr. Keating says, “We all have a great need for acceptance.

..” Read the rest of his quote (p. 5). What type or example of conformity is he trying to get the boys to break away from? Is this a positive lesson? Why or why not?

Don’t let others define you pathway – march to the beat of your inner drummer. If you follow others, you won’t be true to yourself

Read Neal’s last lines of the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare (p. 6).

Who in the audience is Neil directing toward and what is he trying to say to that person?

His father. As Puck is asking for forgiveness if the audience has been offended by the play, Neal is asking his father to forgive him for being in the play and wants them to “make amends.”

Would you want Mr. Keating as an English teacher? Why or why not?
No correct answer for this – your own opinion ?

Who is responsible for the tragedy? Why is this person your choice?
The class opinion was that Neal’s father, Mr. Perry, was mostly responsible. Mr. Perry crushed Neal’s dreams and his spirit. Mr.

Perry was more concerned about Neal’s external life, rather than his inner life.

What does “Carpe Diem” mean? Why does Mr. Keating tell his students this?
Seize the Day. So the boys will make their lives “extraordinary.

According to John Keating (the English teacher), why do we study poetry?
Because we live for the things Poetry gives us – beauty, love, romance

What is the Dead Poet’s Society?
A group of student who sneak away to read poetry

Where does the Dead Poet’s Society meet?
In an old Indian cave

What does Neal want to do that his father will most likely disapprove of ?
Auditions for a play

Which play is being performed at Henley Hall? Who wrote it?
Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Who is Knox infatuated with? Who is she dating?
She is infatuated with Chris. She is dating Chet Danbury, football hero and son of Knox’s parents’ friends

Mr. Keating says, “Just don’t let your poems be ordinary.

Who is the poet Mr. Keating uses to help Todd write his poem? (Hint: He’s the sweaty-toothed madman in the picture)
Walt Whitman

What instrument does Charlie play at one of the Dead Poet’s Society meetings?
A saxophone

What poem does Mr. Keating use to make his point about everyone being different (when they were walking in the courtyard)? Who wrote the poem?
The Road Not Take by Robert Frost

What do Todd’s parents give him for his birthday (again)? What do he and Neal do with it?
A desk set. Throw it off the roof like a Frisbee

What is Charlie’s new name (instead of Charles Dalton)?

What type of punishment does Charlie, or Nuwanda, get for putting the letter to the editor in the newspaper (as well as his “It’s God calling” stunt)?
Paddling (spanking) by Mr. Nolan

What does Mr.

Keating think the purpose of education is?

To learn to think for yourself

Mr. Keating says, “There is a time for daring, there is a time for “caution.”

Why does Neal go to Mr.

Keating for help?

His father has told him he cannot be in the play. Neal is hoping Mr. Keating will tell him he doesn’t need his father’s permission to be in the play but Mr. Keating tells him he needs to tell his father about the play and how much acting means to him

Do you think Mr.

Keating is at fault for the tragedy? Why or why not? Explain…

This is your opinion ?