Dear my sins. I know you are truly

Dear Elizabeth,    I’m sorry for putting you through all this, with the affair with abigail. The court taking you in for witchcraft ,and all the lies you and I have told.     My affair with abigail was was unintentional she seduced me while i was give her a job in the barn, I never loved her, i’ve always loved you. Abigail cannot get over me, she will do anything for me. I just want you to forgive me for my sins. I know you are truly hurt by my actions and it is completely understandable. I know you are a pure and kind woman and i’m sorry once again for putting you through all this. She is evil and wants to tear our family apart thank the lord you gave her the boot and fired her. Thank you for not spreading the word to the salem ,because if you did it would ruin my self image between all the people    When the court took you in for questioning, I knew who was responsible for it. It was abigail, she doesn’t like you, she hates you, she wants to kill you, just to be with me. That’s why they had you under a suspicion of witchcraft so if they found you guilty they would send you to the gallows. Which explains the needle in the poppet by mary warren that was given to her by abigail. I’ll have her arrested and thrown in jail for false accusations. Then their so called “Witchcraft” that was all sport  everyone knew, then when the girls started mimicking her, they were trying to play along so they can try and trick the court and turn them against us, and lynch us.    I respect the decision you made to protect me and lying about the affair, I know you are a pure woman and never lie but thank you. Because if the court knew about the affair they can use that against me connect all the lies that i have told. But I too have been lying to myself, in my mind I cannot get over the affair, it haunts me and i know i’ve broken a commandment but I refuse to accept it. That’s why when reverend hale came to our house and asked if i knew my commandments, I skipped adultery due to the fact that I can’t accept it. I know you cannot forgive me for this but thank you for protecting me and knowing that you still care, about me.   This is why abigail needs to be stopped because of the false witchcraft accusations ,and the court going against me. If we don’t comply and stop abigail we may get lynched and die very soon  Your Husband,    John Proctor