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Dear Sir or Madam, As a young adult who is turning 18, it is imperative I that I plan myself with a successful future in which I will be the person I want to be, do the things I would love to do and achieve what I desire – greatness, mastery and enduring fulfilment. Since dreams do not work unless we do, I am writing this letter to express my goal this year – becoming a senior in Odisee, in particular studying Business management with a major in Marketing. In fact, I had determined this Bachelor program as the perfect fit for me a long time ago, and I strongly believe it is for numerous reasons. Ranked 13th in Belgium, Odisee University College proves to provide its students the necessary skills and experience to stay outstanding in an increasingly competitive job market down the road. Based on the information I consulted from Odisee students and found out via Internet myself, the study here is in-depth, covering both content and practical learning. The employment rate of the university is clearly an evident of its teaching quality, which appears desirably for every student wishing to establish his or herself after graduation. Furthermore, as an international student who takes pleasure in participating in international activities, I highly value the international experience as well as the multicultural environment in Odisee. The school had gathered students from 97 countries all around the world, making it an advantageous place for any person seeking for international-oriented study and career. One thing that impressed me is the way each student is supported – not only with his or her academic performance but also the personal problems each would suffer while adapting to a new environment, especially foreign ones. In short, I have an eagerness to learn, cultivate and challenge my capabilities, coupled with my skills and stamina in such a competitive and professional place. Among all available programs in Odisee, it seems to me that the Business management with a major in Marketing suits my ability and interest. I came up with this thought during my experience in Chu Van An National high school (the extra-curricular activities, the major and classes I took). The idea of creating products or services and linking them to customers truly fascinates me – It satiates my curiosity about the world of economy and gives me a sense of purpose, that is, giving back to the society as much as I can in the future. My strengths, which I suppose would be suitable for this industry, lie in the analytical skills – the ability to find the potential or the limitation of the situation I confront. Besides the genuine enthusiasm in Marketing, or in a smaller scale, to communicate with others; I often perform well in tasks that require critical-thinking and problem-solving. Therefore, I myself believe that this Bachelor of Business Management will be the right direction for my career once the knowledge I gain from it is collaborated with my skills – I may find the job that matches my personality and capability, which is the goal of a graduate student.