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Dear Christine Loh, I am Masafumi Mitsuda, a student attending Island School. I am aware the government is trying to solve the waste problem. However at this rate all landfills in Hong Kong will fill up in 2020. Therefore, we need to consider solutions to this problem. The biggest factor of waste problems are humans. Humans are the creatures that produce waste.  Humans often forget how we are connected to the environment. This is how we are connected: “The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to Earth”. In other words, if Earth gets destroyed, we die too. Therefore, the producers of waste, us humans, must act. For that to happen, educators have to educate students to make sustaining the Earth a habit.  For example, in Japan, educators educate students to care for the environment. As a result, Japanese streets are clean and recycling has been a major success. Obviously, humans can’t avoid all waste. However, a majority of waste is something we can avoid with recycling. The government has set up many recycling bins, but what happens after that. Does it actually get recycled? According to the South China Morning Post, 35 percent of household, commercial, industrial sources get recycled out of the 5.7 million tonnes of annual waste. With China who has been recycling 98 percent of Hong Kong’s recycled solids, stopping imports of foreign garbage, what can HK do. A way to solve the problem is to encourage making local recycling companies by using the advanced technology in HK like FPCO. Local recycling companies can raise the awareness of the problem while sustaining the environment by preventing millions of tonnes of CO2 going into the air. It will also be economically beneficial because local recycling companies can create more jobs, save the limited land in HK and more than anything, benefits the environment. HK is facing a massive waste problem we must all face. The government must change our way of thinking and improve recycling facilities. Humans must not forget how we are connected: “The Earth does not belong to us : we belong to Earth”.