Derek Walcott poetry quiz

Talks about growing up in a place frequented by tourists.

Talks about comodification of his pain.

As John to Patmos
This poem paints a picture of an island paradise.

The Harbour
This poem evokes images of still water, fishermen, and love lost.

A Far Cry from Africa
This poem likens Africa to a dying animal and talks about the violence of colonization. He also talks about his own internal struggle between his heritage and English language and culture.

Ruins of a Great House
This poem uses a lot of imagery having to do with death and talks about a house slowly going to ruin and the symbolism there.

This poem uses code-switching to comment on nostalgia and lost love.

Two Poems in the Passing of an Empire
The first poem talks about the fall of Rome through natural imagery and the second poem talks about colonialism through the eyes of a veteran.

A Sea Chantey

A Sea Chantey
This poem paints a picture of the Caribbean islands and uses bible imagery

The Schooner Flight
This poem chronicles Shabine’s journey as he talks about life, love, seafaring, and poetry

The Sea is History
This book goes through sections of the Bible and discusses what gets counted as history and what doesn’t.

American History
This poem talks about a part of the revolutionary war that many Americans like to forget – the exploitation and violence towards slaves in the name of liberty.