Did deadly, it causes disease and sickness, and

Did you know that if you smoke it will take years off your life and you will die at a young age. Then you realize, Poop! You  may not meet your grandkids. Ever! This is because you may die at a younger age.  You should never smoke because it is deadly, it causes disease and sickness, and many are exposed to it and you can be hurt. Keep going to find out why smoking can take years off your life. To start off you shouldn’t smoke because you can die from it. smoking causes more than 480,000 – 5,000,000 deaths each year. That is  just under the population of pennsylvania, and pennsylvania has a population of 12.78 million people. That is a lot of people for one state.    Out of all these deaths 41,000 of the are caused by second hand smoking. This means that the smoker exhales the smoke, and you get rid of the smoke and don’t inhale it. The rest of them are caused by first hand smoking. This is when the smoker inhales the smoke, and doesn’t blow it out of his or her mouth. Lots of deaths are children deaths  and kids under 11 die all the time because of it getting to their lungs. This means that they may get the same disease as the adults that do it. Go on to find out why you shouldn’t smoke. In other words smoking causes cancer and disease. According to the, World Health Organization,”Tobacco is one of the biggest public health threats that the world has faced.” This makes sense because smoking can cause heart disease. This is when it becomes hard to breath and diseased vessels  within the heart. These diseased vessels are not a good sign because it can cause heart attack and stroke. Smoking can also cause emphysema. This is another disease that can make the heart expand in weakness and lead to heart disease. Besides that it can cause cancer, and this isn’t just normal cancer it is lung cancer, breast cancer, etc. these can get bad enough that you can die from it. All these diseases and sicknesses are caused by the tar that gets stuck on your lungs when you smoke.  When you smoke it can also affect the liver. Now, go on and find out how others can be hurt to not just you.Finally you shouldn’t do it because it can hurt others to. Because of this 80% of the world’s population is exposed to smoking. This is not counting the 40% children, 35% woman, and 33% men. Talk about a lot of people. Research even shows that 36.8% of those 80% of people are children. This means that kids 11 – 1 are dying because of being exposed to it. This is important because the population of kids could or could not decrease. Read on to see the opinion of people that do smoke versus the people that don’t.On the other hand, people that do smoke may say it does relieve stress. Well, the people that think this are totally wrong. It really doesn’t relieve stress. Research shows that it really causes stress and anxiety. Which means that you might get angry over simple things because of stress, and anxiety. This happens because the chemicals in the cigarette messes with your brain causing things like these to happen. In conclusion, you should never smoke for all these reasons, it is deadly, it causes disease and sickness, and many are exposed to it and can be hurt. So, never smoke and if you see someone doing it tell them to STOP! ! !