Digital act of using specified tools and software

Digital marketers across the world are going gaga over the digital marketing automation tools and quiterightly so. If you are into digital marketing and have not yet heard about the marketing automationtools, you are definitely missing out on some major opportunities to maximize the effectiveness ofmarketing campaigns.What is marketing automation?For the uninitiated, marketing automation is simply the act of using specified tools and software forreplicating the repetitive and time consuming marketing activities, which are in no way less essential,without error and thereby reducing the time taken to carry out these activities and the resourceinvolved in doing so over a long period of time. Modern marketing involves using various marketingactivities, some of which might be quite repetitive as well as time-consuming, such as to send mails to aset of target clients and prospective customers as well as existing customers and clients.The concept of marketing automation came into being with the introduction of automated bulk mailingsystem and have improved and diversified into various forms to include a wider scope of modern daydigital marketing.How can automation help with digital marketing?Automation has made the life of digital marketers a lot easier and allows them to dedicate their time tobuild better and more effective strategies. Here is a brief glance at the ways digital marketing benefittedfrom automation in marketing.? It improves productivity – This is the most obvious of all benefits. Automation allows using apreprogrammed system to carry out the repetitive and monotonous of a human. This ensuresthat the human resource can be put into a much better use. Digital marketing experts can nowtake a look at the entire project and identify potential issues and take preventive or remedialmeasures. This certainly improves productivity to a large extent.? It reduces human error – While performing any job, there can always be human errors. To err ishuman and that’s one quality no one can change. However, with crucial and repetitive jobs thatcannot be left at the mercy of probably human error, automation can be a savior. It is theperfect way to ensure that the human error does not creep into the calculation.? Better relationship management and customer retention – In today’s world, it is essential tomake new clients as well as retain the old ones. With increasing number of choices available tothe target clients, it is necessary to first build a relationship while also maintaining therelationship with t customer.? Higher revenue generation – It is true that the automation tools are not really cheap. However,I have found that the ROI is a better judge and it rules in favor of the top automated marketingtools. Call-To- Action (CTA) is critical for maximizing revenue. It increases conversion rate andthereby generates higher revenue generation using marketing tools. Here are a few figures fromthe market that should help you in taking the right decision.o As per Emailmonday, at present 51% of the companies across the world are usingmarketing automation tools for generating higher business. 58% of the B2B companiesare already planning on adopting automated marketing, which is over half of thecompanies in the sector across the globe.o As per figures available with Salesforce, 67% of the marketing leaders are usingmarketing automation tools at present and figure is set to increase by 21% in the next 2years.o B2B organizations that have successfully used the lead-nurturing programs haveaccepted that they saw at least 20% rise in the success rate of the leads nurtured afterimplementing marketing automation tools.o Majority of the businesses do not consider marketing automation tools to be overlypriced and ranked them as fairly priced, while 10% said that the marketing automationsoftware is inexpensive. 22% found the software pricey but worth the price, while only11% considered the automation software costly. 10% business organizations did nothave any idea about the marketing automation software.? Improving the workflow within the organization – It is really important to ensure that theworkforce maintains the right hierarchy and communications happen via proper channel. It isalso necessary to have clear communication between the parties involved and maintain aproper workflow within the organization. Without ensuring proper workflow, the entire chainwill break down and no matter how many leads are converted, there is no way that businessescan benefit from the deals. Automation helps in streamlining the process and thereby indirectlybenefits the digital marketers with a better result to show for the digital marketing activity.Which are the major marketing automation tools used by digital marketers?Here is another piece of statistic that shows the marketing tools used by various companies across theglobe. The statistics were published by Ascend2 and its research partners in 2015.? 82% companies use email marketing. This proves that email marketing is very much valid even intoday’s day and is a really effective and important digital marketing tool that has becomeextremely effective with the help of marketing automation.? 67% companies use social media marketing. Automation plays a major role in social mediamarketing and allows digital marketers to reach out to target clients in a better and effectivemanner. It has also improved CRM to a large extent.? 60% companies use marketing analytics generation tools to get a better idea of the targetmarket and craft new strategies. Automation has improved the accuracy of marketing analyticsgeneration tools to a large extent.? 54% companies use CRM or sales automation. This allows customer retention and newcustomer acquiring.? 52% companies employ automation in CMS or content management system. This is particularlyeffective for the time-sensitive marketing activities.? 50% companies use search marketing tools to get an advantage over the competitors andidentify market trends.? 42% companies use marketing automation tools extensively in almost all spheres of theirmarketing activities.? 36% companies use data management software for proper storing and retrieval of data.Automation can make data management highly effective and much easier and simpler task tomanage.? 33% companies use testing and optimization tools. This is one of the fields that can be greatlyautomated and perfected.Marketing automation tools are here to stay and improve over time. So, if you have not