Director environment for everyone at the center and


Job Title: Director of a Childcare Center
Work Days: Monday – Friday
Work Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Job Overview: The director of a childcare center must oversee all of the daily operations at the center. You will make sure that state, local, and DCF regulations are being followed and the center is in compliance at all times. You are to make sure the staffing needs are met and interact with parents and assist them in anyway possible. You are to follow up with staff and make sure there is a professional environment at all times in the center. You will provide a safe environment for everyone at the center and have a caring staff and environment for the children and the families. You will maintain the center’s financial area as well as the enrollment and number of children in the center. You are to make sure that the vision of the center is known and strive to achieve it everyday. 

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High school diploma or a GED
Completed the Department of Children and Families Mandatory Child Care Training and Staff Credential along with the 8 hours of Special Needs training
Pass a Background Check
Be certified in First Aid and CPR.
Have a Child Development Associate or other Active Staff Credential
Have a Bachelors or Directors credential


Lead and supervise a full staff everyday.
Know how to use the ProCare system.
Have good math skills and handle money well for billing and due payments.
Be able to use a computer everyday and know how to use it effectively.
Must be able to stand for long periods of time and do a lot of walking ( back and forth from the office to classrooms)
You must be able to carry, lift, and hold up to 50 pounds. 
Be able to react quickly to certain situations and handle them calmly.
Have great communication skills verbally and written.
Evaluate staff’s performance and maintain professionalism. 
May have to work more than 40 hours per work depending on staffing.
Make sure there is a clean, safe, and healthy environment for not only the children but the staff and parents as well.


Stay in compliance of regulations at all times.
Be aware and in notice of  when the center has special activities, field trips and guest speakers.
Models appropriate behavior and respectful interactions with teachers, children and parents.
Have records filled out as needed such as, reports, billing, food program numbers and forms, school readiness children paperwork, monthly drills, evaluations and more.
Have up-to-date paperwork completed.
Make a staffing schedule to fit the needs of the center for the next work day.
Supervise staff, and evaluate them. 
Make sure teachers follow teacher to child ratios and ensure a professional environment is in place.
Allow teachers proper time and assistance in lesson planning and/or curriculum time.
Assist parents with tours, hand out parent handbooks with enrollment packets, and billing. 
Conduct monthly emergency drills including fire drills, evacuation drills and tornado drills as required.
Hire and train new staff to meet requirements of the center.
Establish policies with sick children and what to do procedures when a child is hurt, injured, or sick.
Set meetings between management, teachers, and parents to address any issues or discuss a child’s process throughout the school year.
Ensure all cleaning is complete at the end of the day for all classrooms and checklists are being filled out by staff when completed. 
Vision and mission statements are known to all staff members and are being put to use on a daily basis.

Salary: Pay is competitive with other local childcare facilities in the area and county. We base it on your credentials, your experience in an office setting at a center, and your knowledge of a director’s position.