Discord I will fit in on the staff

Discord UsernameLooks like username#12321:
My discord username is Kannabi_#8585 , as this was one of my recent usernames(in game).

Minecraft UsernameMake sure that you enter your username correctly. We check for your in-game stats with it.
My in game username is currently Hexxxid , I tend to change my username very often as I am trying to find one i think suits me, and that will stick permanantly. Expect to see name changes frequently. If you want a link to my previous name changes here is a link.
AgeHow old are you (in years)?

I am currently 14 years of age and I am very mature.

Language(s)What language(s) do you FLUENTLY speak? Are you learning any new languages?

As of now, the only language I speak is English, as it is my native language and I live in a part of the United States of America where almost everyone speaks English. I would be interested in learning new languages such as French, or Spanish, but I just don’t have enough time since I spend most of my day on the game…lol

Your skillsWhat are your strengths and weaknesses? (Minimum 7 sentences required.)

I’m not exactly sure if this question was meant for offline skills, or online skills, so I will give both.
One of my skills offline would include math. Math was always my favorite class, and was much preferred over English, although I am a very fluent reader. One of my online skills (specifically minecraft) would be pvp, and handling situations. Some of my weaknesses would include things such as cannoning on minecraft. I am not one to handle red stone well. A weakness I have offline would be talking (person to person) in long conversations.

Some extra strengths you should know about me is I have good control, and I work well with other people, which is one of the reasons I think I will fit in on the staff team. Also one of my biggest fears or weaknesses is bugs, primarily spiders or bugs with a lot of legs. Another strength that I think will help me on the staff team is I am very helpful, and I don’t mind being spammed with questions or concerns. Another strength is that I am able to be on for an astounding amount of time daily.

Why we should choose youWhat makes you stand out when compared to other applicants? What can you bring to the network? What contribution(s) have you made so far? (Minimum 7 sentences required.)

I think I should be chosen as staff because I am a very helpful person. I like to help people out, and I can help on the server, as well as on the forums or in discord. If anyone needs help handling a personal problem feel free to talk to me ( Kannabi_#8585 ). Another reason I should be chosen as staff is because i am very active. On many of the servers I played i was usually one of the top 5 most active players. I will provide my schedule below.
Another reason i should be chosen as staff is because I work well with others.

What can I bring to the network? I am VERY active. This means I will always be able to assist players in need, and if anything happens that I don’t have the power to handle, I can contact higher staff to fix the problem. I also can help people see that Zonemc has a good staff team, and influence other people to try their best on the staff team as well. I have alsoI had experience on smaller servers with player bases of around 10-30 players at a time.
I also try to be as supportive as I can.

What contributions have i made so far? I have been helping players with things such as commands (example: How to get custom enchants? Me: To get custom enchants do /ce or /enchanter.) I also try to give reflectance the manager suggestions on plugins they should try to fix( I now know they are trying to fix the issues/bugs) or to add. I also effect the community in a positive way, because people will want to stay around a non-toxic server if there is players to help them out, which will also help people see how great the staff team is.
AvailabilityWhen can we call on you? We’re looking for specifics here (ie. 9:00am to 11:00pm weekdays and weekends).

I am very active, here is my schedule of times I can be called on, or play the server( i have school during the day)

Monday: 3:30 PM – 10: PMTuesday: 3:30 PM – 10 PMWednesday: 1:30 PM – 6:30 PM & 9 PM – 10 PMThursday: 3;30 PM – 10 PMFriday: 3:30 PM – 12 AMSaturday: 6:00 AM – 1 PM & 2:00 PM – 12: AMSunday: 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM
This averages out to about 67 hours per week.

TimezoneWhat is your timezone? (If between timezones, which is most frequented?)

My timezone is Standard: UCT-6:00 Central Time ( USA )

Previous ExperienceHave you been staff on another server/network? (Rules against advertising do not apply here, but do try not to use there ip just the server’s name)

I have been staff on a few smaller servers. Most of these servers have had player bases of around 10-30 players at a time. I have been mod on a few, and helper on most. I performed well on the servers I was staff on, and I think I will do even better on Zonemc!

What makes you more unique than other applicants?Why are you better than other players applying for staff? (Minimum 7 sentences required.)

I think i may be more active than many of the other players applying for staff. I also bring contributions to the factions aspect, as well as the staff aspect. I can help someone to do something factions related, such as how to make an iron golem grinder, or how to make walls for their base. I also am a team player, and I work well with others, which many do not. I have a friend in the staff team Courkie, who gave me the encouragement and inspired me to apply for staff. I also want to apply for staff to help him handle the many things that players need help with.

I also think I should be chosen over any other applicants because I can help outside of the server. If anyone needs assistance on discord or on the forums, I am the guy. I always keep my discord open when I am at my laptop, and I will do my best to respond to players on the forums, and give any feedback if needed and suggestions to other players who apply for staff.

About yourself
Not requiredIs there anything you would like to share about yourself? Interests? Hobbies? Nicknames? We like to know our staff on a personal level, so this definitely helps! I live in the United States. I am a very physical guy, and I enjoy playing sports. My favorite sport is basketball and I am a dribble god and I shoot like curry. One of my main hobbies would be playing games including survival games like minecraft, basketball games like 2k18, and FPS games like call of duty ( as of now call of duty world war II ). My nick name is Budda , but i like to call myself Budda The Great. because I like myself. I am 14 and I am very mature. Report cards just came out, and I got 6 A’s and 1 B. Thanks for reading my application, hope you like it.